How to Prevent Frizzy Curls in Humidity During the Hot Summer Months

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to prevent frizzy curls in humidity. If you’ve had to deal with dull, very frizzy hair, keep reading to learn how to refresh your hair without having to wash and strip it every day. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair clips
  • Curl refresher spray
  • Detangling leave-in 
  • Hair dryer with a diffuser attachment
  • Hair oil
  • Bonnet
  • Hair tie
  • Old toothbrush
Sectioning hair with hair clips

1. Section

Use butterfly clips or regular hair clips and section off your hair in about 4-6 sections. You want to make sure that your sections are workable and not too big.

Applying a moisturizing curl refresher

2. Curl refresher

Take a section and apply a moisturizer. I’m going to be using a curl refresher which will give you lots of hold without making your hair hard or crunchy.

Applying a leave-in conditioner

3. Leave-in

Next, I’m going to be applying detangling leave-in milk. Just take about a quarter-sized amount and put that throughout the section.

Finger coiling curls

4. Finger curl

Next, take a few curls and finger coil them around your finger. You don’t have to do every single curl, but just really focus on the parts that tend to frizz up the most or tend to be the driest throughout the week.

This is super simple. Just take a bit of product and finger coil it around your finger. 

How to finger curl

With this method, my curls are way more defined and frizz-free and it’s generally just a really method on how to keep hair curled in humidity.

How to keep curls in humidity

5. Repeat

Repeat steps 2-4 throughout the rest of your hair. 

Diffusing the curls to dry them

6. Diffuse

After finishing the rest of your hair, you’ll want to diffuse your curls. I don’t usually like diffusing, but with this method, I love it because it leaves my hair looking like a wash and go.

Diffuse on low heat for about 10-15 minutes to make sure your hair is pretty dry.

Applying a hair oil

7. Hair oil

Next, take a few drops of restoring oil into your hands and work it throughout your curls. This is going to give your hair a nice shine and smell, as well as a bit more volume.

Blow-drying roots for volume

8. Blow dry your roots

Next, remove the diffuser attachment and go back in and blow-dry our roots to make sure they’re a hundred percent dry. This will give a bit more volume.

Using a silk bonnet at night

9. Prepare for bed

If you’re doing this before bed like I am, take a hair tie and pineapple your hair into a very high ponytail. Stretch it out and put a satin bonnet on top.

You can also sleep on a satin pillowcase if you prefer that over a bonnet. 

Refreshing the edges in the morning

10. Refresh in the morning

In the morning, just take your hair out and go back in with that refresher spray on an old toothbrush to slick back your edges.

How to prevent frizzy curls in humidity

How to prevent frizzy curls in humidity

Give your hair a little shake and this is what we’re working with! Super-defined curls.

If you notice any frizzy pieces throughout the next few days, just take a bit of product and do the same curling method as shown in this tutorial, and your hair will look just as fresh as your wash and go!

This look can last up to 3-5 days in between wash and go’s and it holds up super well if you need a way to protect curls from humidity. Let me know how this works for you down below!

Products used:

Suggested materials:
  • Hair clips
  • Curl refresher spray
  • Detangling leave-in
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