How to Turn Your Crockery Into Beautiful Pendant Necklace

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
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I love to work with discarded items and support eco recycling projects. So this big box of broken crockery had me thinking of ideas for so many wonderful makes .

Broken crockery

The best tool I find to cut and shape ceramic is wheeled tile nippers. Remember to wear protective eye goggles to protect against flying china. I snip away and shape

Wheeled tile nippers

I decide on a few nice pieces that would work well as a pendant necklace and try keep a balanced pattern shape. I use an oriental Chinese text which looks interesting. All the edges will get smoothed later so for now a rough shape is fine.

Cut and shape

I like to use a sanding wheel carbide stone attachment to the mini rotary drill. It makes light work of smoothing out all the sharp edges and helps to refine the shape too. Wearing a mask is important to prevent inhalation of dust.


I use a ready to use pendant cabochon with bail and make sure that the piece I’m sanding is fitting snugly into this. You may need to keep shaping to get it just right.

Shape the back

Especially the back sometimes need a smooth sanding to get it to sit flat.

The last step is next to mix two part epoxy resin glue which sets the pendant securely. I spread the mix on to both cabochon and ceramic piece and hold firmly in place.

I add a silver snake chain on to complete the piece.

Ceramic Pendant
Ceramic pendant
Suggested materials:
  • Cabochon   (Amazon)
  • Mini rotary drill   (Amazon)

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