How to Make Your Own Fruity Buttons

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
2 Materials
20 Minutes

I recently started learning the joyful creative process of making my own jewellery in silicon molds using resin and so when I saw the silicon little mold for various sizes buttons, I just had to give it a go!

Button mold

I found these packs of various beautiful little polymer fruity shapes which are so thin small and delicate. Perfect for button designing!

Fruity shapes

It’s quite fiddly to work with them as they are so small but I try and arrange them carefully into the round molds. I position them in such a way to design the space fully and with same type in each little mold.

Placing into mold

I do a few more and settle on experimenting with each size button mold to see which seem to work best.

Arranging fruity shapes

When all filled with fruit I begin squeezing in the resin carefully. I try to cover the shapes and all crevices and little button hole prongs.


It’s useful that the nozzle reaches in gaps easily and when all filled it’s time to cure them under UV light.

Uv light cure

I take out the little buttons from the molds and also pop them over to help the under side in to cure for extra minute to make them hard.

Out of mold

So pleased with how they all turned out!

Fruity buttons
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