Learn How to Create Knotted Jewelry With This Celtic Bracelet Tutorial

Kellie Sutton
by Kellie Sutton
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Celtic knots represent love, eternity, loyalty, and friendship. The other day, I was playing around with Jospehine knots and came up with this Celtic design. Here’s how to tie a Celtic knot leather bracelet, perfect for yourself or as a gift for a special friend. Let's get started with the tutorial.

Tools and materials:

  • 2 meters or 80 inches of 2mm wide leather cord or ribbon
  • 6 large hole beads
  • Toggle
  • 15mm ribbon ends
  • Assorted size jump rings
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Large chain nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Painter’s tape
Six leather cords

1. Cut the leather cords

Measure and cut the cord into 6 equal pieces about 13 inches or 33 cm long.

How to knot a Celtic bracelet design

2. Make the knot

Split the 6 cords in half with 3 on each side. Even them out, though no need for perfection because they will need trimming.

Form a little fish with the bottom loop going over the top loop. Secure with a piece of painter’s tape.

Taping leather cord pieces to the table

Take the second bundle and put it under the “head” of the fish. Keep the bottom shorter so you have what to work with. Tape in place.

Celtic bracelet tutorial

Now pull the top over. Go over the top fish fin and tuck it under the bottom fish fin.

How to tie a Celtic knot bracelet

Thread it over, under, and over: 1st loop goes over, 2nd loop goes under (it may need to be lifted a bit) and the 3rd loop goes over the top one.

Tightening and closing the knot

3. Tighten and close the knot

Hold the knot with one hand and gently remove the tape. Begin pulling the knot together using your entire hand. Some of the pieces may not lay flat. Start where they twist and gently move them to be as flat as the others. Pull so the knot is equal all around.

Crimping the beads with chain nose pliers

4. Crimp the beads

Separate the 6 ribbons into 3 sections with 2 ribbons in each: 2 outer and 1 center section. Start with the center. Place a large hole bead on the center ribbon and pull it low down towards the knot. Crimp with the chain nose plier on the front and on the back.

Slide another bead down on one of the outer sections. Line the beads point to point or staggered. Crimp twice (front and back) when it is in the right spot. Repeat for the other side of the bracelet.

Measuring the Celtic knot bracelet

5. Size the bracelet

The average bracelet is about 6 to 7 inches. Measure the bracelet by placing the knot on the 3 on the ruler. The cords will extend past the 6-inch mark. Trim them to an even length at the 6-inch mark.

Flip the bracelet around and measure the other side. Trim the edges on the other side.

Finishing the ends of the Celtic bracelet

6. Finish the ends

Line up the 15 mm ribbon end to the freshly trimmed cords and crimp the ribbon end with the pliers. Push in any cords that are not straight or poke out. Squish the ribbon end super tight with the pliers. Do the same thing to the other side of the bracelet.

Attaching jump rings to the bracelet

7. Attach the toggle

Attach 3 jump rings to make the bracelet more secure. Use both pliers to open the ring wide enough to slip on. Once the ring is in place, close it with the pliers. Use the largest jump ring to attach the toggle and close it nice and tight.

Knotted Celtic leather bracelets

How to tie a Celtic knot bracelet tutorial

These Celtic bracelets are beautiful to wear for yourself or give as a special gift. The knot and silver beads give it a slightly Western flair that goes with both casual and dressy outfits.

If you make this bracelet, please let me know how you get on and leave your feedback in the comments.

Suggested materials:
  • 2 meters or 80 inches of 2mm wide leather cord or ribbon
  • 6 large hole beads
  • Toggle
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  • Sheila Bishop Sheila Bishop on Jun 28, 2022

    Love these bracelets! Would go nicely with my small Celtic tattoo. Would you be able to add a video? I’m having trouble following the written instructions.

  • Kellie Sutton Kellie Sutton on Jun 28, 2022

    Hop on over to my YouTube page under Kellie’s Bead Boutique and you can find that and hundreds more!