Transforming Your Old Crockery Into Quirky Brooch Pin

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
1 Hour

I love to up cycle old vintage broken ceramics and then transform these beautiful interesting old pieces into amazing unique jewllery creations which are so pretty and one of a kind.

Broken crockery

I choose a few pieces of china that I think will make a pretty brooch pins and start to cut out with wheeled tile nippers. Wearing eye protection is a must . Nibble away at china with tile nippers a little bit at a time to shape the pieces into desired size.

Cutting china

Next prepare edges by sanding them smooth with a mini hand drill carbide sanding wheel. It takes a few minutes to carefully shape it to how you like it and you’ve got rid of any sharp edges.

Smoothing edges

I also use the sander to create a rough back surface in the place where the pin will be glued. It helps for a much strong adhesion.

Next step is to prepare the two part epoxy resin glue. Mix equal parts of each. Use as soon after mixing as possible.

Mix epoxy resin glue

Daub some of the equal part epoxy resin glue onto the back of the ceramic piece along where you sanded.

Glue back

Get hold of your brooch pin and hold in place in the glue making sure it is horizontal and placed centrally for even look when worn on clothes.

Glue pin

Let it dry for a few mins and soon it is ready to wear proudly!

Ceramic brooch
Ceramic brooch
Suggested materials:
  • Broken china   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin glue   (Amazon)
  • Tile nippers   (Amazon)

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