How to Make Cute & Modern Polymer Clay Earrings

Maria Dotz
by Maria Dotz
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Want expensive earrings but don’t want to pay for them? I’m going to show you how to make modern polymer clay earrings that look expensive, but won’t break the bank! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Polymer clay 
  • Jump rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Stud earrings
  • Metal beads
  • Metallic paint
  • Baking sheet
  • Pliers
  • Pin

1. Play around with polymer clay earring ideas

First, you need to create your designs. I went for minimalist styles. Here are a few of my ideas:

Rolling a piece of pink polymer clay into a ball

DIY clay earrings 1

Take a piece of polymer clay and roll it into a ball.

Mixing white and pink polymer clay

Take two pieces of polymer clay, roll them into two separate thin lines, then twist them around each other and press to make a mixed color clay. 

Flattening the ball into a circle

Then, flatten into a circle. Do this twice to make two circles.

Using a pin to poke a hole in the polymer clay

Use a pin to poke a hole into the clay. We'll add the earring fastenings after baking.

DIY clay earrings 2

Rolling and twisting blue and white polymer clay

Let’s make some more. Roll out two more lines of clay, one bigger than the other. Twist. Fold in half, then twist again. The goal here is to create another mixed-color clay. 

Rolling pieces of clay into balls

Separate the clay into two pieces and roll them into balls.

Molding the clay onto stud earrings

Mold the clay around the head of stud earrings.

Shaping the clay into a diamond

Shape as desired. I decided to go with a diamond.

DIY clay earrings 3

Splitting the dual-colored clay into two pieces

Create another piece of mixed, dual-color clay. Then split into two.

Flattening the clay into rectangular shapes

Flatten the clay into two small rectangles.

Using a pin to poke holes into the clay

Use a pin to pole a hole into the clay.

DIY clay earrings 4

Flatting dark blue clay intoa circle

Take a piece of clay and flatten it into a circle.

Twisting the clay

Gently twist the clay with your fingers.

Poking a hole in the clay with a pin

Use a pin to pole a hole into the clay.

DIY clay earrings 5

Black and orange mixed polymer clay

Create another piece of mixed, dual-color clay. Then flatten into a circle.

Sticking metal beads to the polymer clay

Decorate with metal beads. Don't use plastic beads because the polymer clay is going to be baked.

Making a hole for the earring fastening

Use a pin to pole a hole into the clay.

DIY clay earrings 6

Molding the clay into a heart shape

Starting with an oval, use your fingernail to create an indent into the clay to mold into a heart.

Making heart polymer clay earrings

Use a pin to pole a hole into the clay.

Polymer clay earring ideas

Here are all the finished designs! Now we bake. 

Baking the polymer clay earrings

2. Bake the polymer clay

Set the oven to 275°F and bake on a baking sheet for 30 minutes.

Painting the earrings with metallic paint

3. Apply metallic paint detail

Use metallic paint to add additional detail to your earrings. Here are a few that I did:

Cute polymer clay earrings

Attaching the jump rings

4. Attach jump rings

Attach jump rings to the earrings with holes and close up with pliers.

Attaching the earring hooks

5. Attach earring hooks

Attach earring hooks to the jump rings and you're done!

Here are the finished polymer clay earrings:

Modern polymer clay earrings

Blue and gold DIY clay earrings
Polymer clay earrings DIY

How to make polymer clay earrings

Modern polymer clay earrings tutorial

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial on how to make cute and modern polymer clay earrings. Let me know which pair of earrings is your favorite! Thanks for joining.

Suggested materials:
  • Polymer clay
  • Jump rings
  • Earring hooks
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