DIY Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial: Enchanted Tree

8 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a polymer clay pendant. DIY clay jewelry is absolutely beautiful and you can achieve it with just a few things. Grab your clay and let’s get started.

Tools and materials:   

  • Brown polymer clay 
  • Green polymer clay 
  • Blue polymer clay 
  • Beads
  • A stone
  • Dotting tool
  • Cutting tool
  • Brush
Attaching clay to stone

1. Attach the clay to the stone

Attach your white stone and brown clay together and use your fingers to blend the brown around the white elongating it to create the trunk of the tree pendant.

Cutting the clay

2. Cut the clay

Cut the brown clay to length and then separate it into two.

Twisting the clay into branches

3. Twist the clay into gnarled branches

Twist each piece of the clay and then wrap them around each other for a gnarled look.

Attaching bead to trunk

4. Attach a bead

Place a bead into the trunk.

Making tiny clay rope

Then wrap a thin rope of clay around it.

Adding detail to polymer clay pendant

Add detail with a dotting tool.

Adding texture

5. Create the texture of the trunk with ropes of clay

Wrap a long rope of clay around the trunk of the tree and use your fingers and a dotting tool to incorporate and blend it into the existing clay.

Adding spirals and beads

6. Spiral the ropes of clay and insert beads into them

Use the ropes to create small spirals at the base of the tree, and then insert the beads into the spirals.

Creating clay roots

7. Create roots with ropes of clay

Twirl the tail end of the ropes onto the stone to look like roots.

Decorating the tree

8. Decorate the tree with blue and green clay

Decorate the tree with various shades of blue and green clay to appear as moss, leaves, and flowers.

Adding foil to clay

9. Create the bushes of leaves

Crumple aluminum foil around the clay.

Foiled covered with green clay

Then cover with green clay.

Adding texture

Use a dotting tool to add texture to the bushes.

Using brush to create texture

You can even use a brush.

Completed polymer clay pendant

Polymer clay pendant

Here’s the finished tree, and that’s it for this tutorial on polymer clay pendants! Let me know what you think about this polymer clay DIY down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Brown polymer clay
  • Green polymer clay
  • Blue polymer clay
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