How to Make a Multi-Way Wrap That Can Be a Top, Shorts, or Skirt

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Ok, I’ve got something super cool for you to make. A multi-way wrap top, skirt, and shorts, but it's just one item of clothing! The DIY wrap itself is so simple to make, and transforming it into a top, skirt, or shorts is also a breeze.

My most popular tutorial is a multi-way wrap that can be worn as a dress, pants, skirt, and romper. So, I decided to make another version, but shorter.

Ready to go through the steps? Let's start!

Tools and materials:

  • 1.5m (59.05”) Jersey knit fabric
  • Pair of shorts
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread

How to make the DIY wrap

Measuring the width of the waist

Making the multi-way wrap top is easy. You’ll need a stretchy material; I’m using a jersey knit. 

First, you need to find your measurements. For the length, measure from your waist (go for a high waist if you like) to where you think your shorts/skirt would fall. Then, add extra inches. Mine was 15 inches. 

Measuring the length of the wrap

The width is going to be at least 1.5 times around your waist. I ended up with 3 feet for mine. 

Folding the fabric pieces in half

You’ll need two of these rectangles. Lay them flat on top of each other and fold them in half. The left side is where your fold should be. 

Placing a pair of shorts on the fold

Take a pair of shorts and place them by the fold. You want to find out how deep you want to make the crotch area. 

Cutting out the shape of the crotch

Now, follow the shape of the crotch area, measuring where needed. I made my incision 10 inches up and 1½ inches in. 

How to make a DIY wrap

DIY wrap with the edges pinned

Here’s how it should look. Just round it out at the top. 

Sewing a straight stitch along the seam

Pin the fabric and sew a straight stitch. 

Cutting off the excess fabric

Now, try it on and see if you like the fit. I wanted mine to be deeper, so I went back and sewed another deeper stitch. Then, I cut off the excess. 

Cutting out and folding the straps

Last, cut out four 3x15 inch straps. Fold each in half and stitch the length and bottom.

Sewing the straps and flipping them right sides out

Then, flip inside out using the open side. 

DIY wrap

Sewing the straps to the DIY wrap

Attach all four straps to each top corner. Make sure to do a secure stitch on each, and you’re pretty much done! Now, I’m going to show you how to wear it! 

How to wear the DIY wrap

Lining up the DIY wrap at the waist

1. DIY wrap shorts

Line your front, as shown.

Wrapping the shorts around the waist

Wrap the front straps around your waist twice, and tie in front. I made mine high-waisted, so they sit higher. 

Tying the shorts around the waist

Do the same for the back piece. You can either tie it up in the front or wrap it to the back. 

What do you think? They are so comfortable and would be perfect for a beach outing!

Placing the skirt with a seam at the side

2. DIY wrap skirt

Put the DIY wrap so that the seam is on the side.

Tying the straps around the waist

Then tie the straps to the opposite side or wrap them around your waist and secure. 

Wrapping the second piece behind you

Take the loose piece, and wrap it behind you.

Tying the straps at the front

Open it up on the side and tie it up in front.

DIY wrap skirt with a side slit

There's a little slit at the side, but I think this is perfect for the beach, too! I love the fit. What do you think? 

Tying the straps around the neck

3. DIY wrap halter top

Ok, let’s wrap some tops! Place one section in front of you and tie the straps by your neck area. 

Tucking the loose piece up from the back

Now, take the loose piece and tuck it up from the back. 

Tying the straps around the waist

Then, tie the straps around your waist. 

DIY wrap halter top with pants

This one-piece looks super cute with pants on!

Stretching the corners and tying them at the back

If you feel that the side flaps are too racy for your liking, simply stretch the two corners, wrap them to the back and tie a knot. 

DIY wrap top

DIY wrap top from the back

As you can see, it’s a pretty cute outfit!

Folding the DIY wrap in half

4. DIY wrap tube top

Fold your DIY wrap in half, so both front and back sections line up evenly. 

Wrapping the piece around the front

Then, wrap the whole DIY wrap piece around the front, and tie it at the back. 

Tying the wrap in the back

DIY wrap tube top

So, this is a loose tube top - easy to put on, and it looks real cute.

Tucking the DIY wrap top into pants

If you’d like a more fitted look, then simply tuck the button into your pants.  

Grabbing the ends without straps

5. DIY wrap sleeved top

Grab the two ends that don’t have straps. So, the hemline should be lining up horizontally. 

Tying the ends together

Then, tie those ends together as close to the edge as you can. 

Draping the fabric over the shoulders

Then, put your head through and drape the fabric over your shoulders. 

Tying the top straps at the back

Put the two top straps behind you and tie them at the back. 

How to wear a DIY wrap as a top

Then, take the bottom fabric, pull it down below your bust area, and tie it at the back. Simple! 

DIY wrap top with sleeves

DIY wrap top with sleeves at the back

I really liked the way this DIY wrap top turned out! You can wear it with a crop top under or nothing at all!

Changing the top into a halter

Bonus! You can turn this into a halter top by pulling the top knot to your neck and tucking in the front sides. 

DIY wrap styled as a halter top

DIY multi-way wrap top tutorial

DIY multi-way wrap top tutorial

I could not be happier with this multi-way wrap top! Thanks for joining me, and I hope you make this for yourself; it’s definitely a fun (and functional) piece to make. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • 1.5m (59.05”) Jersey knit fabric
  • Pair of shorts
  • Measuring tape
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