Last-minute Glam Mummy Halloween Makeup

by Laineymariebeauty
10 Materials
20 Minutes

In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to make a mummy look for Halloween. This last-minute Halloween makeup is the perfect mix of creepy and glam. Furthermore, it's super easy to achieve. So, without further ado, let’s jump on in.

Tools and materials: 

  • Foundation
  • Setting powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Concealer
  • Makeup brushes
  • Eyeliner
  • False lashes
  • Beauty blender
  • Wig 
  • Contact lenses
Applying foundation

1. Foundation

Start by putting on some foundation and then set it with some setting powder. 

Applying dark eye makeup

2. Dark eyeshadow

Take a purple eyeshadow, place it in the outer part of your eye and do some circular and patting motions to blend the color out. 

Applying light eyeshadow

3. Light eyeshadow

Now cut your crease by taking some concealer and patting it onto your eyelid to make a nice sharp outline for the white eyeshadow that we are going to place on top of it.

Take white eyeshadow and place it right on top of the concealer. Then take the same brush that you used for the purple. Blend the line between the two colors so that we don't have any harsh lines.

Applying eyeliner

4. Eyeliner and false lashes

Next, take a black or brown eyeliner and put it on your lower lash line and waterline, and then apply some false lashes.

Then, add a little bit more shadow under your eyes and smoke out that lower lash line so that it's not a harsh line. Connect the lower lash line with the top lash line.

Then put some eyeliner on your lower lash line to make it a very dark smoky look.

Contouring the cheeks

5. Contour cheeks

Now, take a mixture of the purple shade and brown shade and outline the hollow points of your cheek to contour them.

Suck in your cheeks to see where that hollow point is. Trace it and go down a little bit towards your chin. Then, take a fluffy brush and blend that out so that it's not a harsh line.

You want it to look very realistic and just like hollow points in your cheeks. Then go back in with the white shadow to really make this pop. Clean up any lines that don't look that great.

Contouring temples

6. Contour under-eyes and temples

Next, go in with the purple shade. Tap it under your eyes very lightly, we don't want this to be super harsh or look like under-eye bags.

Next, hollow out your temples a little bit. Just make a circle right where your temples are, using a mixture of the purple and brown shades that you used on your cheeks. Make sure you blend it out too.

Contouring nose

7. Nose and forehead

Then take the purple shade and run that along the sides of your nose. Proceed to put the purple shade up your nostrils. Put some purple shadow around your nostrils and then blend it out a little bit.

Now just take whatever is left on the brush and put it on your forehead, just running it all over. Then take a beauty blender and run that over so that it doesn't look too harsh, this look is all about subtleness. 

Highlighting the face

8. Highlight face

Highlight your face with the white eyeshadow. So, any of the points of your face where you didn't put any of the brown or purple shadows, you now want to put the white shadow. This will make everything pop more.

Coloring the lips

9. Color lips

Put some purple shadow on your lips, then take the beauty blender that you used for your foundation and pat the excess on your lips.

Completed Halloween mummy makeup

Here is the makeup look complete with a gray wig and spooky contact lenses. For the outfit, you can wear all white, or incorporate some bandages into the look if you want to go all out.

Completed Halloween mummy makeup

The mummy makeup was really easy to achieve, and I’m pleased with the finished result. As I said before, the key to getting this makeup look right is by making it very subtle and avoiding any harsh lines.

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  • Foundation
  • Setting powder
  • Eyeshadow
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