Try These Viral TikTok Fashion Hacks Perfect for Summer

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In TODAY's “Style File” segment, fashion expert Lina Noory joins the show to share some clever tricks and trends for revamping your summer wardrobe without spending any money.

1. Alternative way to tie a shirt

The first hack Lina demonstrates is an alternative way to tie a shirt.

She shares how to pull the shirt through the first two buttons and then through the hole, creating a unique and secure knot that eliminates bulkiness. This technique works even with shiny shirts.

2. How to wear a bra as a crop top

Next, Lina introduces a hack for using a bra to create a crop top, by tucking, folding and then pulling up the excessive fabric of a regular top. The bra is worn over the top and used to hold the fabric in place.

3. Rubber band t-shirt hack

For men looking to make their t-shirts appear more fitted, Lina suggests using an oversized rubber band.

Placing the rubber band where the desired fold of the shirt should be, folding the sleeves over, and tucking them through the band creates a tailored and polished look, reminiscent of a 1950s style.


4. Sweater hack

To add a touch of style and warmth when needed, Lina presents a hack involving sweaters.

Instead of tying a sweater around the waist, she recommends draping it over the shoulders for a fashionable and practical twist.

By folding the sleeves in an X-shape, folding the under one over, and tucking it beautifully, a chic and Hamptons-inspired vibe is achieved.

5. Cardigan hack

Lastly, Lina showcases a hack for turning a cardigan into a shrug, a trendy garment that is quickly gaining popularity.

By wearing the cardigan backward, pulling the bottom over the head, and draping it over the shoulders, a cute and more fashionable alternative to the traditional cardigan look is achieved.

Try these viral TikTok fashion hacks perfect for summer

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  • Lalee Lalee on Jul 31, 2023

    Love every one of them espicially the cardigan change..

  • Terry Terry on Jul 31, 2023

    Would have liked some visuals to go along. Can't say either way because I'm not sure how they look.

    ...never mind, found the video😆

    Love the hacks