DIY: Making Bell Bottoms From a Blanket!

by Lucybertoldi
3 Materials
2 Hours

I thrifted this beautiful crochet, chevron blanket which I wanted to upcycle into bell-bottoms- so I gave it a shot!

So I folded the blanket lengthwise and placed a pair of leatherette leggings over the fabric as a pattern. I traced along while widening the leg as I got closer to the bottom hem.

Once the pattern was cut out, I sewed the pieces together (super easy!). I did this with a thick yellow yarn that was similar to the yellow of the pants- I also used a plastic large eye needle used for yarn.

Here is the almost finished pair of pants...

I could have left it at that...except that this being wool, I'm quite sure the pants would at some point start slackening and would not hold up so well. That's when I decided to reinforce the waist part by using the top part of those leggings I used as a pattern. That part is particularly snug and I thought this would be perfect for these wool pants.

I cut right below the existing seam.

From there, I stitched that waistband onto the pants. I also had some fabric left and decided to probably use that as a belt of sorts.

And here's how they look! These are fun enough for me to wear in the fall (since they're wool of course!).

But I can wear them just as well in the spring here in Canada- because the colors are bright enough!

Here's a clip of me modeling the autumn-winter look.

Lastly- the cutest Spring look!

Suggested materials:
  • A crochet blanket   (Thrifted)
  • A pair of leatherette leggings   (I had them- they're too snug s I stopped wearing them)
  • Yellow yarn and plastic needle   (from my yarn collection)

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