This Rose Gold Holiday Makeup Look is Perfect for the Festive Season

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I’m going to show you the perfect holiday makeup look. We’re going to be applying some stunning rose gold eyeshadow as well as some dazzling red lipstick. You’ll be the belle of the ball with this gorgeous festive look!

Tools and materials:

  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Beauty blender
  • Setting spray
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Makeup brush
  • Eyebrow kit
  • Cream eyeshadow
  • Powder eyeshadow
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Eye pencil
  • Mascara
  • False lashes
  • Contour
  • Blush 
  • Highlighter
  • Lipliner
  • Lipstick
  • Lipcote top coat
Applying face primer

1. Face primer

Rub the primer all over your face, focusing mainly on the sides and tip of your nose and forehead. A primer helps to fill in pores and fine lines, and creates a smooth canvas for your makeup.

Applying foundation with a beauty blender

2. Foundation

Squirt a pump of foundation on the back of your hand. Taking your damp beauty blender, pat the foundation all over your face. This blends out the foundation so well, making it look like real skin.

Applying concealer to the face

3. Concealer

Place the concealer on the center portion of your face. That’s the area you want to highlight. Taking your beauty blender, pat and blend all of it in evenly.

Setting makeup with face powder

4. Face powder

Now it’s time to set everything in place. Take some translucent face powder along with a contour brush and pat that over the areas where you just applied the concealer. 

Filling in eyebrows

5. Eyebrows

Next, moving onto the eyes, start by filling in your eyebrows. Sweep the brush in the direction of your hair growth. We’re going for a natural look here. You just want to make your brows a bit darker and fuller instead of looking really made-up.

Applying rose gold eyeshadow

6. Rose gold eyeshadow

Apply a skin-colored cream eyeshadow on your lids. This provides evenness to your eyelids and acts as a base for the eyeshadows to stick to.

Next, take a rose gold eyeshadow shade and pack the color onto your lids, concentrating the color under the crease.

If you’re not satisfied with the color payoff, you can wet your brush with some setting spray, which will help intensify the eyeshadow. Apply the same eyeshadow to the inner corners of your lower lashline as well. 

Blending the rose gold eyeshadow

Select a shade in a reddish earthy brown and apply it to your crease area, adding more of the eyeshadow and intensifying the depth of the crease area.

Take some more of the eyeshadow and darken the outer v-portion of your eyes. Lastly, take the same color with a smaller brush and place it on the outer corner of your lower lashline.

Applying eyeliner close to the lash line

7. Eyeliner

Take some liquid eyeliner and apply it to your lid, as close to the lash line as possible, then wing it out at the ends. Apply some eyeliner to the inner corners of your lower lashline as well.

Lining the waterline with a nude eye pencil

8. Line the waterline

Take a nude eye pencil and line your waterline. This is going to brighten up the eyes and make them look bigger.

Applying mascara to false lashes

9. Mascara and false lashes

Next, apply some mascara to your lower lashes. Once done, apply some false lashes to your top lashes. Go over where you applied them with your liquid eyeliner to ensure that they look natural and none of the lash glue is visible.

Proceed to take your mascara and just blend your false lashes with your real ones. 

Contouring with a fan brush

10. Contour

Put some contour onto your fan brush and apply it under your cheekbones. Apply some to the sides and the top of your forehead as well. Continue to add some under your jawline, which will give it a very nice chiseled look.

Whatever is left on the fan brush, just sweep it along the sides of your nose to give it a slight contour.

Applying blush and highlighter

11. Blush and highlighter

Take a blush in a burnt pink shade and apply some to the face. Add some highlighter on top to brighten up the face. Also, add some to your cupid’s bow as well as the bridge of your nose.

Party makeup should be very glowy and dewy, not cakey and powdery, so go ahead and spray some setting spray over your face.

Applying lipstick and lip liner

12. Lips

When you’re going for a bold lip, I advise applying some lipliner first. Draw the shape of your lips, then fill them. Then go in with your favorite red lipstick. Lastly, to make sure that your lipstick is long-lasting, apply a Lipcote top coat over the top.

Rose gold holiday makeup

Rose gold holiday makeup tutorial

Here we have the finished holiday makeup look - it’s gorgeous! You can create this look for a party, a festive occasion, or a celebratory event. Your skin is smooth and glowing, your eyes are defined, and your lips are bold.

Let me know what you think of this look in the comments below.

Products used

  • L'Oréal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer
  • L'Oréal True Match foundation - W3
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Spot Concealer
  • Revlon Colorstay Concealer Medium
  • Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder
  • ELF Eyebrow Kit - Dark
  • MAC Paintpot- Painterly
  • MAC e/s - Expensive Pink, Embark, Shroom
  • Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner - Black Swan
  • Nyx Wonder Pencil - Medium
  • Oriflame The One mascara
  • Ardell Eyelashes - Demi Wispies 
  • Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara
  • Sleek Contour kit - Medium
  • Nyx Blush - Pinched
  • MAC Fix +
  • Nyx Lip Liner - Plush Red
  • Chambor Xtreme Matte Lip Color - Fiery Red
  • Lipcote
Suggested materials:
  • Face primer
  • Foundation
  • Beauty blender
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