7 Cute DIY Wedding Accessories For the Bride on a Budget

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Wedding planning is super fun and even better when you get to create your own DIY wedding accessories from scratch! In this tutorial, we’ll show you 7 exciting and inexpensive ways to make wedding accessories.

Whether you’re the bride or part of planning the big day, we’ve got some major wedding inspiration for you. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Pearl embellishments
  • Assorted embellishments
  • Shoes
  • Flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric glue
  • Alice band
  • Denim jacket
  • Needle 
  • Thread
  • Sponge
  • Organza ribbon
  • Flip-flops
  • Cotton trim
  • Fabric paint
  • Decals
  • Mod Podge
  • Brush
Adding embellishments to shoes

1. Embellished shoes

DIY embellished shoes

Buying embellished shoes can get expensive, so why not make them yourself?

DIY wedding shoes

Glue some lovely pearls to the tips of your closed shoes and add a traditional touch with faux flowers on the side. 

DIY bridemaid shoes

Adding some classic and fun DIY wedding show embellishments sure adds that magical touch for the big day! 

DIY pearl hoop earrings

2. Pearl hoop earrings

Have a pair of simple hooped earrings? Great! Make yourself a pair of beautiful pearl hooped earrings by simply opening the earring and feeding through the pearls of your choice. 

How to make pearl hoop earrings

A special occasion deserves an extra special touch; add a pair of hearts to the center of the earring to create the perfect wedding accessory. 

Sticking a pearl on the back of the earring

Don’t forget to add a pearl to the earring back, too! Simply stick on a pearl embellishment with a little glue. 

DIY pearl hoop wedding earrings

There you have it, a set of lovely hooped earrings with an intricate pearl design! 

How to make a bride sash

3. DIY bride sash

Make a DIY bride sash for that unforgettable bachelorette party! Sketch out the word "Bride" on a piece of cotton trim. 

DIY bride sash

Trace around the letters with fabric glue in a vibrant color, like hot pink. 

Adding flowers to the DIY bride sash

Then, layer flower petals with glue and stick flower bulbs for a pretty flowery finish. 

Gluing pearls to the DIY bride sash

Finally, top it off with a pearl embellishment right in the middle of the flower. 

DIY bride sash for a bachelorette party

You have a beautiful DIY bride sash to wear for your bridal or bachelorette party! 

Pearl embellishments

4. Pearl-embellished denim jacket

Whether you’re going on a night out with your bridal entourage or want to look hip and casual at the wedding, then this quick denim jacket upcycle is the perfect fashion accessory.

Hand-sewing pearl embellishments onto a jacket

Hand-sew various-sized pearl embellishments for a classic nuptial touch. 

DIY pearl-embellished jacket

Easy and straightforward - a great idea to make for the bridesmaids, too! 

How to add decals to boots

5. DIY floral boots

Go for something unforgettable with these lovely flower-detailed heels without breaking the bank! Take a pair of old white boots and place decals of your choice on the sides; in this case, we chose flowers. 

Placing a wet sponge onto the boots

Place the adhesive side onto the boot and lightly dab it with a wet sponge. 

Removing the sticker

Remove the first sticker and place more to make a cute pattern. 

How to add floral decals to boots

Then, seal the deal by going over the stickers with a layer of Mod Podge. 

DIY floral wedding boots

You now have some beautiful boots with a pretty design in a matter of minutes! 

How to make a DIY headpiece for a wedding

6. DIY headpiece

Make the perfect DIY wedding hair accessory with your desired embellishments and color scheme. All you need is an Alice band, embellishments, and a hot glue gun.

Gluing pearls and beads to a headband

Start by adding a little glue and then stick it on your rhinestones, pearls, and flowers. Go ahead and work your way throughout the band. 

DIY bridesmaid hair accessory

Here you go, a mesmerizing Alice band the way you like it! Customize your DIY wedding hair accessories with the colors and themes of the wedding for that extra special touch. 

How to make bridal flip flops

7. DIY bridal flip-flops

Every bride needs to feel comfortable. Whether it is between hair and makeup, lounging around with her besties, footwear for a casual beach wedding, or honeymoon accessories, these lovely bridal flip-flops are perfect. 

How to make wedding accessories

To make these, simply glue and wrap the organza ribbon around the toe thongs. Do this section-by-section, so the glue doesn’t dry up. 

Wrapping ribbon around the flip flops

Then, wrap the ribbon around the inner “V” portion of the toe thong to close it up. 

Gluing pearls to the flip flops

Lastly, glue pearls around the whole surface. 

DIY wedding accessories

Now, you’re ready to get pampered with this pair of beautiful pearly white flip-flops. 

DIY wedding accessories

What do you think of these 7 beautiful DIY wedding accessories for your magical occasion? We hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make wedding accessories. Saying “I do” in style and glam doesn’t have to be expensive! 

Did you make anything homemade for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Pearl embellishments
  • Assorted embellishments
  • Shoes
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