Revive Your Swedish Clogs

Clean and nourish your wooden clogs with some common household items. Keep them looking brand new, year after year.

The sun was shining yesterday so I was excited to wear my favorite sandals, these cute pair of handmade wooden soled Swedish clogs. But after a winter of wear (with socks), they needed a little bit of TLC.

So I got to work…

You will need:

  • Some medium/fine grade sandpaper
  • Olive oil
  • Cotton rag

How to:

  1. Sand any marks off the wooden sole, then wipe away any dust.
  2. Dab your cloth in olive oil and gently rub into the wood and the leather.

The olive oil will nourish and darken the wood and leather and help protect from damp.

All done!

Now my sandals look brand new, and with regular care, will last for many years to come. Bring on summer!

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  • Carollynda Carollynda on Aug 03, 2022

    Sorry, I threw out all my wooden clogs, after I wore them one time in the winter, slipped on ice, and twisted my ankle so badly I could see the bottoms next to my ankle!! All the bones in my foot were smashed and I had surgery 3 times. That was 40 years ago, and now at 75 I can barely walk on it!🥴 Lexol works on leather and maybe use lemon oil on wood. But your shoes are very cute!! 😹🐈️😉

  • Leslie Leslie on Aug 04, 2022

    Love the shoes and use coconut oil on the wood. As Luna said olive oil will go rancid. Lexol as Carollynda stated is great on leather but you can also use the coconut oil. :)