How to Make a Recycled T-Shirt Skirt in 4 Quick & Easy Steps

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In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to make a recycled t-shirt skirt, just in time for summer! I actually had this oversized floral print t-shirt (that had a stain), and I decided to transform it into a lovely pencil skirt.

This tutorial is fantastic for beginners, too, so grab your tools and let’s make a skirt from a t-shirt.

Tools and materials:

  • Oversized t-shirt
  • Fitting skirt
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Matching thread
  • Elastic
  • Marker
Floral t-shirt before the DIY

How to make a skirt out of a t-shirt

1. Make the pattern

Take your favorite skirt and place it on top of the wrong side of the t-shirt. Trace around the skirt with a fabric marker, using a 0.5” seam allowance along the sides and a 1.25” seam allowance on the top part. 

Cutting out the skirt pattern

2. Cut

Now, cut along the outer edge. You should have two layers.

Tip: Cut the skirt so that the bottom already has a hemmed edge from the t-shirt. Now, that’s a time saver. 

DIY skirt from t-shirt

3. Assemble 

Pin the top sides, and then stitch from the sides down. Add a backstitch where the pins are, leaving the seam allowance area open for the elastic. 

Sewing the ends of the elastic together

4. Attach elastic

Now, take an elastic, wrap it around your waist to determine the size, and sew the short ends together with a 0.5” seam allowance. 

Placing the elastic waistband

You’ll be placing the elastic waistband right by the opening of the skirt. 

Folding the fabric over the elastic waistband

Now, place the elastic around the waist area, and fold the fabric over. Also, tuck the seam allowance in the elastic. Take your time here, and this is literally the last step. 

Make a skirt from t-shirt

Next, topstitch to secure everything in place. There will be a little slit on the sides, so you can go in and hand sew the opening together. 

How to sew a t-shirt skirt

For a clean finish, fold the side seams inward and give them a good press.

How to make a recycled t-shirt skirt

How to make a recycled t-shirt skirt

Woohoo! It’s done! So, what did you think of this tutorial on how to make a recycled t-shirt skirt? I adore this skirt; it’s cute, comfy, and perfect for summer.

Also, this DIY skirt goes great with many tops. You could dress it casually or even on a night out. Now that you know how to quickly and easily sew a t-shirt skirt, you could do this to a bunch of unused t-shirts and make something stylish out of them. Good luck! 

Suggested materials:
  • Oversized t-shirt
  • Fitting skirt
  • Scissors
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