How to Make a Silk Skirt - Pattern & Step-by-Step Sewing Tutorial

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If you want to know how to make a silk skirt, the Aurora silk skirt sewing pattern and this tutorial will help you learn how to sew a silk shirt.

This silky midi-length skirt is sewn on the bias and is super elegant. Gather all your materials, print the pattern using the link below, and let’s get started making your DIY silk skirt!

Tools and materials:

  • 2 yards silky fabric
  • Elastic to fit your waist - use either ¾ or 1 inch
  • Matching thread
  • Glasshead pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Serger if you have one
  • Clips
  • Aurora pattern
  • Iron 
  • Clapper
The Aurora silk midi skirt pattern

The Aurora pattern comes with very detailed instructions and all the information you’ll need when making this skirt, so make sure to check it out.

You’ll need to use a lightweight woven fabric with some drape like a natural or synthetic silk, crepe, or satin. The technique used for this skirt is a French seam though you could use a serger if you have one. French seams look very refined, clean, professional, and elegant.

Silk skirt sewing pattern

1. Cut the pattern

Follow the instructions on the pattern to cut the fabric and make sure to transfer all of the marks with small clips.

How to sew with silky fabrics

Note: These types of fabrics look very similar on the right or wrong side so before pinning or sewing, it may be helpful to mark the wrong side. I make a cross on the wrong side so I know which side I am using.

Pinning the pattern pieces together

2. Pin the pattern

Place the front and back pieces on the wrong side together. Pin the side seams matching all of the markers using glasshead pins placed horizontally in the fabric, rather than vertically. 

How to sew a silk skirt

3. Sew the skirt

Sew the side seams ¼ inch (6mm) from the edge.

Trimming the seam allowance of the skirt

4. Trim and press the side seams

Then trim the seam allowance to ⅛ of an inch (3 mm) right by the edge of the seam. 

Pressing the side seams with an iron

Press the side seams to one side.

Pressing and cooling the seams with a clapper

Cool the fabric using a clapper.

How to make a silk midi skirt

5. Sew the side seams again

Then, turn the skirt so the right sides are together. Pin the side seams again so the seam allowance will be inside the seam. 

Sewing the side seams for the second time

Sew up the side seams by stitching on the wrong side about 0.2 inches (5mm) from the edge. 

Pressing the side seams towards the front

6. Press again

Press the side seams towards the front. This is so the eye doesn’t catch the seams when looking straight at the skirt. Then use a clapper to cool the fabric.

Sewing the ends of the elastic together

7. Sew the elastic

Sew the ends of the elastic together creating one large loop using a zigzag stitch to secure the ends.

Creating an elastic waistband for the skirt

8. Insert the elastic waistband

Mark the waists back and front centers by notching. Mark the quarters on the elastic with pins (side seams and center front and back). 

Inserting the elastic into the waistline

Have the skirt right side facing. Place the elastic joined stitching at the center back of the skirt so you always know where the back of the skirt is.

Pinning the elastic to the waistline

Pin the elastic at the waistline on the right side of the skirt, matching up the elastic marks with the waistline marks. Then pin the elastic in between. 

Sewing the elastic to the waistline

Sew the elastic to the waist close to the edge using a zigzag stitch. 

Folding the elastic over

Then fold over the elastic to the wrong side.

Sewing the elastic to the side seams

Secure the elastic to the side seams by straight stitching on the seam just for the length of the elastic.

Sewing a DIY silk skirt

Press the waistline carefully not to catch the elastic. 

How to make a silk skirt tutorial

9. Final touches 

Try on the skirt and look for any unevenness at the hem edge. Trim any excess fabric. 

Fold over the hem edge, ¼ inch to the wrong side, and sew ⅛ of an inch to the edge.

Trimming the excess seam allowance

Trim any excess seam allowance as close as possible to the seam edge. Press the hem carefully and then use the clapper to cool. 

Hemming the DIY silk skirt

Then fold the seams to the wrong side once more and stitch over the first seam, creating a very narrow hem. 

Pressing the hem of the silk skirt

Press the hem of the skirt again. Cool with the clapper. 

Pressing the silk midi skirt

Then give the entire skirt a final press, finishing with the clapper. This will give it a professional finish!

How to make a silk skirt

How to make a silk skirt tutorial

I hope you enjoyed and tried this tutorial on how to make a silk skirt with the beautiful and simple Aurora pattern! Please comment below if you’ve made it. I love hearing your sewing success stories!

Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards silky fabric
  • Elastic to fit your waist - use either ¾ or 1 inch
  • Matching thread
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