Make a Sexy Ruched Skirt Without a Pattern!

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There’s nothing more flattering and sexy than a ruched skirt. Why? If it fits well, it shows the right amount of skin in the right places. The pattern itself gives off a lovely curvaceous look, too. You can sew an easy ruched skirt that fits you snugly and hugs your hips like a glove! Follow this ruched skirt tutorial as we show you how to make one for yourself easily- no pattern needed!

Tools and materials:

  • Spandex Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Fitted skirt as a template
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Safety pin
  • Pins
DIY ruched skirt

Take your measurements

You are going to start by selecting a fitted skirt as your template. Then, measure your desired length. For us, it’s around 27 inches. When cutting the pattern, don’t forget to add ½ an inch for the hem. 

Make a ruched skirt

Make the pattern

Fold your fabric and mark your desired length + ½ an inch.

How to make a ruched skirt

Now, fold your skirt as shown and mark the shape accordingly. Our skirt was a little loose, so we decided not to add seam allowance. If your skirt is not loose, add about ¼ of an inch seam allowance. 

Sew a ruched skirt

Cut the basic ruched skirt pattern

After tracing the pattern, pin the fabric in place and cut accordingly. 

How to sew a ruched skirt

Now, place your cut-out piece on your folded fabric again, and use it as a guideline to cut out a second piece. You should now have a front and back piece. 

Easy ruched skirt

Measure the tunnel

Now, it’s time to measure the tunnel for ruching detail. So, layer your fabric on top of each other and pin all around. Then, measure and mark the side and set your desired length for the ruching. Ours was about 11 inches long.

Basic ruched skirt

Sew the simple ruched skirt

On one side of the skirt, sew the full-length side seam, and on the other, sew until you get to the starting point of your slit.

Simple ruched skirt

Adjust the slit

Mark 3 inches from the bottom side of your skirt, where the slit is located. Then, connect that mark to the starting point of your slit. 

ruched skirt tutorial

Also, add 1 inch for the hem and cut along the lines, accordingly. 

Make the tunnel

Open up the side seam of the slit part and press the seams; the seams will be used as the tunnel for your ruched skirt. 

Also, go ahead and pin the hem of your slit. 

Now, sew along the edges of your seams. 


Make sure your tunnel is wide enough for your strap to go through.

Your slit should now look something like this.

Make the straps

Since our tunnel measures 11 inches long, we added another 10 inches and cut our strips accordingly. Also, make them 1 inch wide. 

You should now have two very long strips!

Fold each strip in half, right sides facing, and pin along the edge. Then sew to secure. 

Using a safety pin, turn the strips inside out. 

Insert the strips

To insert the snips, cut a small hole at the bottom of the tunnel. 

Insert the strip through the tunnel, and feed it through until it comes out of the waistline. 

Sew the top part to secure the strips in place. 

Add the finishing touches

Hem the top part of the skirt, which is approximately 0.2 inches wide. 

Hand sew the two tunnels 1 inch down from the top, as shown. This will give you the desired rushing effect. 

Then, hem the bottom of the skirt, just as you did for the top. 

Tie and ruche your ruched skirt, as shown. 

There you have it! Your ruched skirt is complete and ready to be flaunted. It’s so elegant, sexy, and trendy! Now that you know how to make a ruched skirt, what color will you choose? 

Suggested materials:
  • Spandex fabric
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
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