This DIY Will Rock Your Socks - Literally

Keya Harper
by Keya Harper
5 Materials
30 Minutes

I’ve seen these socks everywhere. They’re not cheap and they’re so easy to do yourself.

I prefer to use ribbed socks so I can stop my stitches going through to the inside.

Best sew on rhinestones!

Copy this look with these sew on rhinestones mix that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Tools and materials:

  • Ribbed socks
  • Sew on rhinestones
  • Tweezers
  • Hand sewing needle and thread
  • Scissors

1. Rhinestones

Make sure you get sew-on rhinestones. They’re available in different shapes, colors and sizes.


They should have four holes underneath. These will take a regular size sewing needle.


The flat stones or paillettes have holes too.

Adding rhinestones to socks

2. Design

I got colored stones but decided to use neutral ones so I could wear them with anything.

Lay out your design on one sock then copy it to the other, so you have a visual reference as you sew.

Threading needle

3. Needle and thread

Thread up a regular sewing needle and leave the ends uneven. We’ll be using the thread single.

Locking thread

4. Lock the thread

Pass the needle through the ribbed section of the sock. 

Pull the thread through and hold the end in place.

Make a few more stitches in the same place to lock the thread.

Adding rhinestones to socks

5. Stones

Pass the needle through two of the holes. 

Slide the stone along the thread until it lies flat on the sock.

Adding rhinestones to socks

Pick up a thread from the sock as you pass the needle through the other two holes.

Adding rhinestones to socks

Make a loop knot to fasten off the thread. Cut it close to the stone.

Adding rhinestones to socks

There are no stitches or knots on the wrong side to irritate my feet.

DIY rhinestone socks

DIY rhinestone socks

DIY rhinestone socks

You can make these as colorful or as subtle as you like.

You don’t even have to make the design the same on both socks, although I think it looks better if you do.

What do you think of them? Comment down below.

Suggested materials:
  • Ribbed socks
  • Sew on rhinestones
  • Tweezers
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