Era Denim

We can all relate to Era Denim. I think I can speak for everyone when I say if you have hit the ripe age of greater than 30, the bell bottom, mom jeans, etc have reared their face once again.

Sidenote, don't you wish you kept everything you ever thought was cool and sold it as vintage because if we did, we would ALL be millionaires right now!

I digress, so here we are in 2022 throwing it back all the way to the 60s with bell bottoms. And not just the 60s but pretty much every decade after.

For time sake, I will be going into detail about the 70s, 80s, and 90s denim we don't want to miss out on!

Let's start in the 70s. Disco was a poppin' and a slit bell bottom and boot was the way to rock it.

I can admit, I was born in the 80s but my curve was made for the 70s... not to be mistaken with my dance moves, because I have zero of that.

I styled the Levi 70's flare with a bodysuit, booties, and leather jacket for just the right amount of modern, and 70s mix.

The 80s was a much different era with a more tapered look and of course high loose waist. I style this looked with Pleated Taper jeans, Reeboks, and a bodysuit. I added a belt for some waist-defining because the tapered look is pretty tough to pull off. But honestly, it came out pretty 80's to me... I may have even gotten some of my inspiration from Stranger Things, thanks El!

Last, but not least, is 90s denim. This is probably the most comfortable of the three that I have shared! They are high-waisted, distressed, and loose-fitting. All of which makes the relaxed in all aspects! I styled it with a flannel, bodysuit, and of course Burks!

How do you feel about era denim?!

Fun fact denim is the standing trend to date! So if you have some keep them forever!!! There is a likely chance they will come around again!

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