Neutral Palette

by Glamorouslady_x

I absolutely love neutral colours -I’ve never seen a shade of a neutral I did not like. Which is great as neutrals also suit most skin tones- you simply go lighter or darker to match your skin colour.

Whether you go for a completely neutral outfit or mix it with another complimentary colour like white or black, neutral colours always look clean and fresh. For the look in the photo above , I’ve added one colour that is not neutral: white. It compliments the neutrals and offsets the whole look.

In this outfit, above, I’ve chosen various shades of neutral colours in different materials. This has added texture and variety to a outfit, and at the same time created a look that is very soft and balanced.

As you can see I have many items in my wardrobe in various shades of a neutral. I can’t resist it. I find these colour combinations absolutely stunning.

So, by just playing with different shades of neutral colours, textures and patterns I’ve managed to create a wardrobe that is elegant, interesting and versatile. And if you fancy a bit of a change, you can always add colour to any neutral outfit, if you wish.

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