DIY: Making Collar From a Doily

by Lucybertoldi
2 Materials
45 Minutes

Make some use of those doilies that you have stored away! I took a doily and basically cut out the center. Mine was starched so I didn't really have any fraying. But if you do have some fraying, simply sew it up as you would a hem.

Next you cut down the middle of the doily- you can also cut out a triangle- your choice. For this first collar I cut it straight down and then took it in an inch on each side and hemmed it. (Which gave the same result if I had cut out a triangle.).

Here is the piece cut...

Next, to attach the two pieces together, I sewed on a snap. But to make really pretty, I had a leftover pearl from a sole earring. It made it so pretty!

And here's the finished look!

And- if you want to change it up, just turn the pearl part to the back of your neck and wear it circular like this...

Check out my video for more info! Thank you so much for reading and watching- it's a pleasure for me:)

Suggested materials:
  • A doily   (I had this)
  • A pearl attachment   (from a broken earring)

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