How to Easily Change a T-shirt's Neckline

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I thrifted a t-shirt with a very cool graphic that I love. Unfortunately, I don’t love the high round neckline so much.

Today, I’m going to show you how to change a t-shirt neckline from a round to a V neck. I’m including two methods of finishing the V part of the neckline, so choose the one that you think looks best or is easiest for you to do.

I’m using a serger for most of the seams but you can certainly do this with a regular sewing machine and zigzag the edges afterwards.

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pins
  • Serger (optional)
  • Sewing machine
Trying t-shirt on

1. Cut the neckline

Try on the t-shirt and mark the lowest point of the V.

In my case it cut into the graphic, but I thought that made it look even better.

Cutting t-shirt

I’m also shortening the t-shirt, so I’m using the original lower hem to make the neckband for the new neckline.

Draw a line about a quarter inch above the top line of stitching on the hem.

Pin the bottom edges of the t-shirt together and cut off the lower band.

Cut off the original round neckband without damaging it, and put it aside for another project. 

Cutting t-shirt

Fold the t-shirt in half lengthways at the center front.

Pin the shoulder seams together.

Draw a straight line from the lowest point of the V to the neck edge.

Cut along the line.

Try on the t-shirt and if necessary, curve the line slightly if that’s more flattering for you.

Attaching neckband

2. Attach the neckband

Aim to avoid having one of the neckband seams ending up at the center front V.

Pin the neckband seam to the shoulder seam with the right sides together. 

As you pin the rest of the neckband in place, stretch it slightly so it lays flat when sewn.

Be careful not to stretch the cut neckline, but only the band.

Pin up to about an inch either side of the V.

Attaching neckband

Serge or sew the band in place parallel to the original stitching line, so it looks like a continuation of the cover stitch.

Stretch the band as you sew and ensure the raw edges are aligned.

Overlapping V neck

3. Overlap V neck

There are two ways to finish the center of the V neck.

You often see the overlap method on sweatshirts and it’s a perfectly acceptable way to do it.

Working from the right side of the t-shirt, tuck both of the ends of the neckband inside.

Overlap one side of the band over the other so the upper edges on each side form a V shape.

Pin them in place from the outside.

Overlapping V neck

Snip down the center of the V the width of the seam allowance. 

Overlapping V neck

Repin the band on the inside.

Overlapping V neck

With the t-shirt uppermost, sew from the end of your previous stitching to the snip, pivot your fabric and continue sewing up the other side.

Mitred V neck

4. Mitred V neck

Turn the t-shirt inside out and fold it in half lengthways at the center front.

Line up the shoulder seams.

Mitred V neck

Place a straight edge lining up with the bottom of the V snip and draw a seam line on the band.

Mitred V neck

Sew the two ends of the band together along the line, with the right sides facing.

Mitred V neck

From the inside of the t-shirt, center the snip over the seam you’ve just sewn and pin in place.

Mitred V neck

Pin the unsewn sections of the neckline to the band on either side of the V, continuing the sewing or serging line and catching the free ends of the band in the stitching.

Mitred V neck

Sew from the end of the previous stitching down to the snip, pivot and continue to join the earlier stitches.

Finishing neckline

5. Finish the neckline

Trim the excess neckband.

Serge or zigzag stitch the inner edge of the band.

Edge stitch the neckline parallel to the original stitching on the right side, pushing the seam allowance towards the t-shirt.

Press the neck edge.

Hemming lower edge

6. Hem the lower edge

Serge or zigzag stitch around the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

Turn up a hem at least 0.75 inches deep or it will roll after you wash it and press.

Hemming lower edge

Sew in place with a lightning stitch set to 1.5 mm wide and 4 mm in length, stretching the hem slightly as you sew.

How to change a t-shirt's neckline

How to change a t-shirt's neckline

I’m super happy with how this turned out.

How to change a t-shirt's neckline

This wasn’t at all hard to do but it was a bit fiddly. You may want to baste the V neck in place and check it from the outside before stitching.

Which is your favorite V neck method? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Fabric marker
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
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