The Easiest Way to Fake a Waterfall Braid!

Kaitlyn Cacopardo
by Kaitlyn Cacopardo
2 Materials
5 Minutes

Waterfall braids are when some of the hair goes from the front to the back of the head in a French braid, and the rest is left to fall down like a waterfall.

If you find braiding your hair difficult, you’re in luck because with a clever hack, I’m going to show you how to fake a mermaid waterfall braid.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pin
Braiding hair

1. Braid your hair

First, take a section of hair at the front of your head. Instead of making a French braid, we’re just going to make a regular braid.

Tie the end of the braid with an elastic.

Pulling braid

2. Pull the braid

Gently pull on the sections of the braid to widen it and make it more voluminous.

Bringing hair through braid

3. Bring hair through braid

Create a small hole at the top of the braid and then pass a thin strand of hair through it.


4. Repeat

Repeat this process all along the braid - create a small hole and then pass some hair through it.

Pinning end

5. Pin the end

When you’ve got as far along the braid as you’d like to go, pin the end and hide the pin under your hair.

Mermaid waterfall braid

Mermaid waterfall braid

There we have our finished waterfall braid hack. It looks just like the real thing, only much less tricky to do.

Give this hairstyle a try and let me know what you think!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastic
  • Bobby pin

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