The GENIUS Way to Get All Your Leggings to Fit in 1 Drawer

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Are you tired of throwing your leggings into a drawer? What seems like an easy way to store your activewear leaves them wrinkled, hard to find, and taking up too much space.

This genius hack is the best way to fold your leggings to maximize space and make your clothes easier to find. Let’s get into it!

Flipping waistband down

1. Flip the waistband down

Flip the waistband down and fold it down on all sides.

Folding leggings in half

2. Fold the leggings in half

Fold your leggings in half, aligning the waistband and each leg together. 

Folding leggings

3. Fold in any parts that stick out

Aim to get as uniform a silhouette as possible, so fold in any parts that stick out such as the small triangular flap on the side.

Folding leggings

4. Fold the bottom up to the triangle

Fold the bottom half of the legs up until they meet the middle of the triangular flap. 

Folding leggings

5. Fold the leggings to the waistband

Starting from the bottom, do three small folds to reach the top of the waistband.

Tucking leggings into waistband

7. Tuck the leggings into the waistband

Unfold the waistband so it wraps around the folded leggings. Tuck all of it in the best you can, keeping it flat and without any lumps. 

Folded shorts

You can also try out this hack with shorts!

The GENIUS way to get all your leggings to fit in 1 drawer

The GENIUS way to get all your leggings to fit in 1 drawer

With this hack, your drawers can be both neat and organized while maximizing as much space as possible.

Let me know if you have any favorite folding hacks below.

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