How to DIY a Cute and Easy Corset Top

Enitan Agbabiaka
by Enitan Agbabiaka
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Today, I have a quick tutorial for you on how to make a DIY corset top from an old t-shirt.

I love this trendy and fashionable style. It can cost a lot to buy but it's easy to thrift flip yourself. The better your shirt fits, the better a result you'll get from this.

Tools and materials:

  • Long sleeved t-shirt
  • Fabric marker
  • Ruler
  • French curve
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Marking the seams

1. Mark the seams

Try on the t-shirt. Using tailor's chalk or other fabric marker, mark the finished length of your sleeves directly on the shirt.

Draw the corset shape under your bust, making sure it's clear enough to cut from.

I drew from the side seam under my bust, curved it up in the center, and matched it on the other side. You can make any shape you like, but I wanted this effect on mine.


2. Cutting

Lay the t-shirt out flat.

Redraw the front seam as necessary so that it's clear and even on both sides.


Cut the front of the t-shirt only along the line you drew, from one side seam to the other.


Rule a straight line across the back of the t-shirt, at the level of the cut at the side seams. Cut the back about half an inch below the line.

Check the sleeve length and cut off the excess. Use the first sleeve as a template to cut the second. Put the sleeves aside.

Shaping back

3. Shape back

Fold the lower section you cut off at the center front, matching the side seams.

Use a French curve to cut a shallow curve from the center back to the side seams.

Corset seam

4. Corset seam

Unfold the lower section and place the upper panel above it.

Pin the top section to the bottom around the t-shirt with the wrong sides together, so the seam is on the right side.

Sew the pinned section, making sure the side seams match.

Making the bias tape

5. Make the bias tape

Lay one sleeve on top of the other. 

Cut a strip of fabric through all 4 layers, the length of the sleeve without the cuff and the width of the ruler deep.

Join two of the strips into a circle along the short edges.

Covering the seam

6. Cover the seam

Place the joined strips over the t-shirt, matching the side seams.

Covering the seam

Pin the right side of the bottom edge of the strip to the corset seam and sew in place.

Covering the seam

Fold the top edge of the bias strip down over the raw edges and pin it to the t-shirt below the corset seam.

Top stitch it in place close to the edge.

Finishing the sleeves

7. Finish the sleeves

Cut the remaining 2 strips to fit around the sleeves. Fold each in half and join the short edges.

Attach them to the sleeves, either binding them over the raw edge or adding them as cuffs.

DIY corset top

DIY corset top

DIY corset top

You could use sleeves from a different t-shirt for the strips or buy colored bias tape to add contrasting corset seams, for a different look.

This was a very quick way to thrift flip an old t-shirt into something trendy, but you can be a lot more creative than I was.

I'd love to see your results from doing this. Leave me a comment and tag me, and feel free to share this tutorial.

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Suggested materials:
  • Long sleeved t-shirt
  • Fabric marker
  • Ruler
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