How To Make A Spaghetti Strap Top

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Hello there! Here's another fabulous beauty you should check out. I tried not to choose a favorite but this one wins hands down because it's so cool. It's reversible, has two straps and you can wear this comfy crop top two different ways without anyone actually figuring it out. How convenient is that! You can even get to play around with the colors!

Find the pattern for free here! There are two other crop top patterns you can check out too. Easy to make. Trust me! ;)

Tools and Materials:

Jersey fabric with 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Elastic (This is optional)



The Pattern

There are only two major pieces of patterns required to make this top; the front and the back pieces, and the straps.

This is what the front and back parts should look like once you've cut them out.

After tracing it out on the fabric, I made notches according to how it was on the pattern pieces so I would know the right positions to place the straps when it was time to attach them.

Next, I began working on the straps. I sewed them right sides together with a five millimetre seam allowance making use of a zig-zag stitch.

I turned them inside out with a loop turner and then, inserted the elastic through them. Using the elastic is optional. I only used them because I was afraid that the elasticity of my fabric would wear out.

Taking my first color, front and back parts, right sides together, I pinned them and sewed using a zig-zag stitch again.

Next, I moved on to the second color and repeated the same process; pin right sides together, sew with a zig-zag stitch.

Now, I had two similar tubes in different colors.

Moving on, I inserted the blue one into the green, right sides touching and then, pinned the two layers together.

I then pinned the straps I'd made earlier to the back only, sewing from one bust to the other, at the back only.

I started my seam with a straight stitch on about two centimeters and then continued with the zigzag. Once I was about two centimeters from the end of the seam, I switched back to the straight stitch. I did this so as to avoid as much thickness as possible when it was time to turn the fabric over later.

You should also make some back and forth stitches over the straps to secure them well.

I cut off the excesses from the straps and went on to connecting them to the front after being careful to be sure they weren't twisted. I pinned and sewed.

This is what it looked like after attaching the straps.

Going on to the last step, I had to close the bottom seam of the top and by doing that, it involved a bit of a technical process. First, I pinned the seam allowances down so they didn't get twisted in the process and then, marked both fronts with pins in the center.

Next, I turned them inside out, focusing on getting the middle hems and side seams to match. It looked like this.

When I was sure they matched, I pinned them all round and sewed.

While sewing, about four centimeters away from closing my seam, I stopped making securing stitches, leaving an opening so it could aid me in turning the fabric inside out.

After turning it around, I sewed the rest by hand, closing the hem up.

And that was all. Literally!

Be creative by picking out any color of fabric of your choice to make your own reversible crop top. It turned out pretty great, didn't it? ;)

If you love this, check out my other patterns to make more fun and pretty pieces! 

See ya!

Suggested materials:
  • Jersey fabric   (Any fabric store)
  • Thread
  • Pins

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