Sparkle Season

by Glamorouslady_x

Do you wear sparkles all year round or do you save them all for the Christmas festive season? I absolutely love wearing sparkly sequin dresses and for that reason November and December are my most favourite months of the year.

I don’t wear sequin dresses throughout the year. However, as soon as Halloween is finished and come November time, the sparkly outfits are out! I think the more sequin and the more sparkle the better!

I think I have a sparkly dress in every colour and really you cannot go wrong with it. Sequins suit everyone! However, if you find sequins intimidating and too bright then why not try a little black dress with some black or silver sequins. It would look lovely and still very effective.

Smaller sequins, in the same colour shade as the dress would not stand out too much. You can also wear a dress similar to your skin tone colour which would still look festive but not too much. The dress in the photo above is very similar to my skin tone colour and the sequins are the same colour as the actual dress so they’re not standing out and I think the dress looks rather elegant.

You can also wear a pair of tights and some booties instead of high heeled sandals to dull down the sparkle. Also, tights and booties will keep you nice and warm in the cold November and December months!

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