How to Make a Braided Headband

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Headbands are a necessary fashion accessory seeing as they can make a bad hair day, super good in a second or even; switch a look from drab to fab! So why not?

Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to make a braided headband.

To make your braided headband; cut out 3 strips of fabric that measure 3.5” by 21”.

After cutting out the 21” x 3.5” strips. You’ll need to cut out the ELASTIC CASING.

The Elastic casing should measure 4” by 15”

  1. Fold the Elastic casing piece into 2 & pin from top to bottom.
  2. mark out the sewing allowance of 0.5” & sew

After sewing; turn the elastic casing inside out & iron so that the joining is facing up.

Cut out the required elastic band ( I recommend 7” in length for the elastic band).

Attach one end of the elastic band on to a safety pin, then go ahead & feed the elastic into the elastic casing with the aid of the safety pin.

Be careful not to allow the elastic disappear into the casing at the end. You can hold the elastic to the casing with a pin.

Continue to feed the elastic into the elastic casing till it comes out on the opposite end.

Remove the safety pin & then pin the elastic to the elastic casing at that end.

sew both ends on 0.5”

Now that we’re done with the elastic casing. Fold each of the 3.5” by 21” strips into 2 and pin along the length as shown.

Mark out the sewing allowance of 0.25” & sew each one.

With the loop turner, turn them inside out & iron flat so that the side with the seam is facing up.

Pin one end of the 3 pieces together so that they overlap each other slightly. Sew them together on 1” sewing allowance.

After sewing the strips together, go ahead and stuff each strip with some fibre stuffing. Be careful not to overstuff so it’s not too hard.

Close the end of each strip individually sewing on 1” sewing allowance.

After stuffing & closing each strip, go ahead and braid the strips as shown.

After braiding. Sew the ends of the three strips together, ensure they overlap slightly.

Attach the braided piece to the elastic band piece by wrapping the elastic band piece in the braided piece.

  • place the elastic band piece on the braided piece so that the right sides are facing each other.
  • pin the end of the elastic band to the centre of the (end of the braided piece)
  • wrap the braided piece around the elastic band piece
  • sew the together on 1” sewing allowance
  • trim off the excess.

Your headband is now ready! 🎉🎉

Suggested materials:
  • Satin fabric
  • 1” elastic band
  • Fibre stuffing
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