4 Gadgets to Make Necklace Layering Easier

Do you love the look of layered necklaces but have difficulty getting them into position correctly? Some are too long, some are too short, and they can end up a jumble on top of each other if you don’t have the right chain length. Struggling to put each one on with all those tiny clasps can also be time-consuming when you’re in a hurry to get out the door.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I started researching how to make it work. Here are four gadgets to make necklace layering easier. They can help make each one fall in place and easier to put on!

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Necklace Layering Clasp

This little gadget can is pure genius for necklace layering. It comes with multiple clasps, and you attach each necklace to it. This one will take two necklaces. Then you put all the chains on with one easy slip-and-lock clasp. It helps keep multiple necklaces from tangling, and if you wear the same layered necklace combo often, you can just leave them on the clasp and in one swift move, you have it on!  Shop necklace layering clasp.

Necklace Shortener

Sometimes your necklaces don’t line up right for the layered look you want. If you want your pendant to fall a little higher on your neckline but the chain is too long, this little necklace shortener gadget is what you need! You just put on the necklace, place the chain inside the gadget clasp at the length it want it to be, and voila! It’s shorter and falls into place! This works great for more delicate necklaces with thin chains that look best when worn closer to the neckline.  Shop necklace shortener.

Necklace Extender

What if you want the chain for your necklace to be longer so it hangs lower than the rest of the necklaces in the layers? Necklace extender chains have you covered. They are a short little chain with clasps you attach to your necklace chain. Depending on your desired length, you can connect one or two, and they will make your chain longer. Note: you may want to match your metals, such as silver with silver and gold with gold, so they aren’t noticeable if they peek out from behind your neck. These work great for chunkier chain necklaces you want to hang low with a statement pendant.  Shop necklace extender.

Necklace Magnetic Clasp

Does struggling with tiny clasps when putting on a necklace make you abandon the look when you’re in a hurry? Then replace those frustrating lobster clasps with an easy-peasy magnet clasp. Just attach the clasp on the necklace to the magnetic clasp, and all you do is match up the magnets when putting it on and boom! It’s on! I might replace all my necklace lobster clasps with this gadget. It makes life so much easier!  Shop necklace magnetic clasp.

Now that you know how to make necklace layering easier, will you try the look?

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