Earrings and Shirt Hack

I am always looking for cute hacks to help transform basic t-shirts. This one is easy and can work with any hoop earrings. I am using a pair of hoops I have that are covered in pearls.

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Step one: Find the hoops you want to use

Step two: Grab one of the hoops and slide it around your sleeve

Step three: This is what it should look like. When you close your hoop earring make sure the part that actually goes in your ear is hidden and on the inside of your shirt.

Step four: Repeat the process on the other shoulder. Be sure not to overstuff your sleeve into your earring because you don't want it to pop open.

Here is the finished look! This really dresses up the t-shirt more than it was before. Let me know if you try this hack out by commenting below.

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