Never Loose an Earring Again! This GENIUS Hack Keeps Pairs Together!

by Christina

Have you ever lost one of your earrings? It is the absolute worst feeling. I noticed it happens more when I travel because one earring will get lost in luggage or left at the hotel but not anymore! I learned this hack and needed to share with everyone. All you need is a spare button per pair of earrings. So I tend to take 4 pairs of earrings on small trips so 4 buttons.

The hack is so easy, just put the earrings through 2 of the buttons holes like this and make sure you clasp it in the back of the button so the earrings stay put.

This hack works with any kind of earring.

Here's how I keep my large gold hoops together I was worried with how big they are but hack still works!

If your earrings are smaller then you could opt for a smaller button but to be honest I've done this with all kinds of earrings and use pretty much any spare buttons I have laying around so no need to go look for something specific.

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