Turn a Button Down Shirt Into a Cute Top 😍

This is a great hack for someone with way too many work button ups and not enough going out clothes. I recommend using a button up that is a little big on your or of a fabric like silk that isn't as restricting.

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Start by unbuttoning most of the shirt. As you can see I only have two buttons done and it's the ones in the middle.

Next take one of your sleeves off like this and roll the shirt into your bra. Start by rolling the fabric in and then working your way up.

Also roll the fabric into the bra on the sleeve you didn't take off.

Next grab the sleeve you took off and the bottom corner piece of the shirt from the side you did not take off.

Now secure it and tie the two pieces together.

This is the final look. I like it and it looks good for going out. I wouldn't recommend wearing your shirt like this ALL the time as it could cause long time damage.

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