9 Cute Ways to Wear a Button-Down Shirt

Angela Boss
by Angela Boss

Did you guys know there is more than one way to wear a plain old button-down shirt? Here we will take a plain button-down shirt (or button-up as some people call it).

Most of us have a shirt just like this, and we probably bought it to go on a job interview or for a new job, and we wear it by buttoning it down and tucking it into our dress pants or skirt. But these types of shirts aren't just for the office, you can wear them in many different ways.

If you know how to fold, tie, and tuck them, you will be able to maximize your usage out of one plain shirt.

Styling a white button down shirt

1. Regular

I wanted to give you guys an idea of what this dress shirt looks like in its natural state, so this is how we would normally wear it.

Front tuck shirt

2. Tucked untucked

Tuck in the front of it and leave the back of it nice and loose.

How to style a button down shirt

3. Pulled out

Tuck in the whole shirt and then pull a small part of it back out all around the shirt. This style works best with high-waisted pants.

Ways to wear a button down shirt

4. Front tie

Button up two buttons in the middle of the shirt. Then fold the back of the shirt under.

Knot front shirt

Tie the two flaps at the front in a double knot.

Different ways to wear a button down shirt

5. V-neck

With the shirt unbuttoned, take one side and bring it up from underneath your bra. Then take the other side and bring it up, over your bra, and under through the middle.

Different ways to style a button down shirt

Tie the two pieces together in a double knot at the front. Then tuck the ends of the ties under the shirt and tuck in the back of the shirt.

Cropped button down shirt look

This v-shape neckline is very cute and sassy.

How to wear a button up shirt off the shoulder

6. Off-the-shoulder

Place the shirt off your shoulders and do up one button in the middle.

How to tie a button down shirt

Take the two flaps and tie them in a double knot. Tuck your bra straps underneath the shirt and do up more buttons if you like.

Tying a button down shirt

This look has such a stunning neckline.

Wearing a button down shirt in different ways

7. Cropped

Do up two buttons in the middle and tie a double knot with the two flaps

Rolling up the sleeves

Fold up the sleeves three times and bring them up over your elbows. Tuck the back of your shirt under and tuck the flaps in to make it loks nice and clean.

Styling a dress shirt

This is so trendy and flattering.

Wearing a dress shirt backwards

8. Back to front

Put the shirt on backwards. Then tie the flaps at the back with a double knot and tuck the flaps underneath to hide them.

Tying a button down shirt at the back

Wear this style with a backless bra for an exposed-back look.

Wearing a button down shirt back to front

The front looks super chic as well.

Pulling down one shoulder on the shirt

9. On shoulder, off shoulder

Place one side of the shirt on your shoulder, and the other side off your shoulder. Do up one button in the middle but you don’t want to align the buttons, so the button will be done up one buttonhole up from where it would usually be.

Take the side of the shirt that is on your shoulder and fold the flap over and under the middle of your bra.

Tying a double knot

Then take the other flap, fold it under and over and over your bra and then tie a double knot with the two flaps and tuck them under. Do up one more button, tuck the back of your shirt under and also tuck in the collare. 

Cute ways to wear a button down shirt

This has completely transformed the appearance of the shirt.

Cute ways to wear a button-down shirt

There we have nine cute ways that you can wear a dress shirt. Button-up shirts can be worn in so many different ways, and by alternating between different styles, you can maximize the usage of this incredibly versatile piece.

I hope you guys learned something new, let me know which look is your favorite in the comments below.

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