Styling Tutorial: How to Wear a Button-down Shirt in 5 Fun Ways

Lena Davydova
by Lena Davydova
10 Minutes

Hi everyone. Today, we're going back to basics and looking at how to wear a button-down shirt in 5 sleek and flattering ways.

A white button-down shirt is a true classic wardrobe piece. Most of you probably have one in your closet already. So, let’s jump into these 5 white button-down shirt outfit ideas.

Classic look

1. Classic look

We’re starting with a more classic look. I paired my white button-down shirt with some black baguette dress pants. The two together look super classy.

But, to add a little edge, I added in my Doc Martens. However, you could add any chunky shoes, boots, platform sandals or slides.  

Athletic look

2. Athletic look

Now we're moving from a more classic look to a more athletic look. This second outfit has a totally different vibe.

It's an unusual pairing of a white button-down shirt with white sweatpants. The main idea here is to create a stylish and sporty monochrome look.

Casual denim look

3. Casual denim look

In the third outfit, I styled my button-down shirt with some denim.

One of the simplest ways to wear a button-down is with your favorite jeans.

I like how these basics look with some white strap sandals. I also added a silky head bandana to the outfit.

Edgy look

4. Edgy look

The fourth outfit is edgier. I paired my white button-down shirt with black leather pants.

I chose fitted pants because the contrast between the baggy button-down and the fitted pants work well.

I would recommend adding some black heels to this look. 

Casual summer look

5. Casual summer look

The last outfit is the most casual one. It’s the perfect look for the warmer months when you have to run errands or want to take a walk.

Bermuda denim shorts are my absolute favorite for the hot weather, and they look great with a white button-down.

In this look, I’m wearing the button-down open, with a tank top underneath it. For footwear, I slipped on some cute black sandals. 

How to wear a button-down shirt

And there we have 5 different ways to wear a button-down shirt. I hope you enjoyed this fun styling tutorial.

Which was your favorite look? Leave a comment down below.

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