3 Ways to Wear a Button Down Blouse

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In this lookbook, I’m going to show you three simple ways you can wear a button-down blouse.

If you find yourself always wearing your blouses the same way and are looking to shake up your style, this is for you.

Half open

1. Half open

The first look is simply doing one or two buttons up and keeping the rest undone.

This gives you the coverage that you need while also revealing some skin and showing off your figure.

2. Tie and tuck

Tie and tuck

For the next look, tie the two ends of the blouse in a bow and then tuck them under so you don’t see them.

Tie and tuck

Here we have a cute cropped look which is cinched at the front where we tied it.

3. Backwards twist

Backwards twist

For the final look, put the blouse on backward and twist it in the middle as you do so.

Backwards twist

Then button the shirt at the back to do it up.

Backwards twist

Here is the finished look, and this might just be my favorite of them all because it looks so unique. Who would believe that this is a button-down blouse?

3 ways to wear a button down blouse

There we have three ways to wear a button-down blouse - let me know your favorite look in the comments below. 

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