6 Hot Summer Outfit Ideas Using Light, Breathable Fabrics


In this style guide, I’m going to give you some hot summer outfit ideas. Three fabrics that I like to wear when it’s hot are silk, linen, and thin cotton because they are very light, breathable, and feel lovely against my body, so these will feature a lot in this lookbook.

White silk top with striped palazzo pants

1. White silk top

When I think of silk clothing, I generally think of silk shirts. But here I am wearing a silk cap-sleeve t-shirt in white. I love that this is a bright, snow-white color as opposed to off-white or cream.

Here I’ve styled the top with palazzo pants. These pants have vertical stripes running down them, creating an uninterrupted line of vision and making my legs look lengthier. They also come with a built-in belt that cinches my waist.

This is an elegant outfit that I would wear on a summer evening when I’m going out for something to eat.

Summer lookbook

In this look, I’ve styled the top with some linen shorts; the white ties in nicely with the top, while the blue adds a refreshing pop of color. Pastel shades like this light blue are also great for wearing in the summer.

Black silk top with striped palazzo pants

2. Black silk top

Here I’m wearing a black silk top with the same black and white palazzo pants. With pants like these, you can choose which color you want to pull out of the design when it comes to deciding what top you want to wear. 

Is silk hot to wear in summer?

For a monochrome look, I paired the top with some black palazzo pants. The gold buttons up the front add a nice touch of detail to this all-black look. I also added some metallic shoes that tie in with the gold on the pants.

Black silk top with gray linen shorts

In this look, I’ve styled the same top with some gray linen shorts in a paper bag style. This outfit helps me to look nice yet stay cool at the same time.

The translucent heels give the illusion of being invisible and are a cherished pair of footwear in my wardrobe. 

A-line dress for a hot summer evening

3. A-line dress

When it’s hot, I like to wear clothes that are not clingy and very fitted, and A-line dresses are a great example of this. So, this would be a wonderful outfit to wear on a hot summer evening.

Here I’m wearing it with heels, but I could also wear it with flat shoes.

Hot summer outfits with cami tops

4. Camisole tops

Another thing that I love wearing in summer is little camisole tops. Here I have one in a gold lamé fabric which gives me 80s vibes. In this look, I’ve styled it with white shorts, and you can wear it with flat shoes or heels for a more dressed-up look.

Maxi dresses for summer

5. Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are wonderful for hot weather. They’re nice and flowy, and I like to wear ones made out of thin cotton.

The first maxi dress I have to show you is this funky, stripy one; it is so colorful and full of personality. Also, as I mentioned before, vertical stripes are great because they help to make you look taller.

Hot summerwear

This dress also is very comfortable and cool, and I particularly like the v-shaped neckline which is then mirrored by the v-shape pattern on the dress. It is nice and loose and doesn’t cling to anything, so you don’t feel hot and sweaty.

Jumpsuit for summer

6. Jumpsuits

Another thing that I like wearing in summer is jumpsuits, as long as they are very quick and easy to take off (I don’t want to be struggling to take them off when I need to go to the bathroom!), and they are made from a summer-friendly fabric.

I’ve found that good jumpsuits can be a bit hard to find. I’ve tried some on in the past that just looked like giant babygrows on me, but thankfully I have also found some good ones.

This first one is made from a mixture of cotton and linen, and it is a very pale beige color with black stripes running down it. I can easily take it off simply by undoing the buttons at the front.

Hot summer outfit ideas

This jumpsuit is made from linen. It has a nice wide leg, a shirred bodice, and some cute ruffly straps. It has a very summery look, and I think it’s quite flattering on me.

To take it off, I just pull the straps down and slide the jumpsuit off - easy as that!

Hot summer outfit ideas

I hope you’ve enjoyed these hot summer outfit ideas and they’ve given you some inspiration to take away. Remember when dressing for hot weather to wear light and breathable fabrics and also don’t wear clothes in too tight a fit.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite pieces are to wear in the summer.

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  • Libby Makely Libby Makely on Aug 04, 2022

    Everything looks great on you! You have good taste! I love wearing linen in the summer. Some people get turned off by the wrinkles, but it's part of the charm (reminds me of lounging on the beach!) Thanks for excellent ideas!

  • Ashley Meyer Ashley Meyer on Aug 13, 2022

    I love the A-line dress, where did you find that? Thanks 😊