How to Style Red... For the Bold and the Meek!
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Red is a powerful color, but can be intimidating for some to wear. I jokingly call it a neutral for a reason... I think it looks good on everyone and with almost everything! Below I'll give you a few different ways to pull it off.

Red and black is a classic combo

When in doubt, pair with all black (or all white!). That's true with any bright color.

Black and white and red all over

Keeping on the black and white theme, play with pattern and texture. We're keeping it simple here with just one simple pattern, but adding contrasting interest in the belt.

The statement tee

Denim is your best friend for any outfit, but for powerfully colorful clothes it just can't be beat as a backdrop. If you're feeling really bold, tie the colors together with your accessories like I did here. If you want to take it down a notch, match them with your shoes instead.

Monochrome at home

For a daring look, pair red on red and a primary or complementary color as a pop. The scarf gives the eye a rest while still picking up both the red in the blouse/skirt and the blue in the hair!

Tone on tone

Need something a bit more subdued? Try mixing shades of red and wine in the same look.

Unusual color pairings

Think red and purple don't work together? Red and green are too Christmas-y? Try playing around with saturation and hue! Patterns are a great way to marry two pieces that may not have gone together otherwise. This lilac blazer isn't the first thing you'd think of to pair with a bright red skirt, but because it has a red plaid stripe running through it, they end up working well!

Find the red for you

Red tights too Toulouse-Lautrec for your tastes? Play around with wearing different shades of red that work the best for you.

If you're still scared of red, that's okay too

Adding just a little touch in your accessories is a fine way to incorporate red if you love it but just aren't ready to take the leap.

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