Think You Can Only Wear a Peplum Top One Way? Think Again!

Updated 6/5/22

While you may not think a peplum top outfit can be magical, I do!!! Why not treat a peplum top just like any other top? Make it versatile and while you're at it, it can hide a tummy if that's your concern.

I am styling this same top 5 different ways. You can see 4 different ways in this tutorial, and then join me on the blog post for the 5th way.

EXTRA--also on the blog post is side by side comparisons of how a peplum can "hide" a tummy.

1-Layer Over It

So you may not think you could layer over a peplum top? And of course, I would challenge that. There are a couple of ways I tried layering over this shirt.

First I started with a shorter cardigan so you could see most of the peplum detail. This would also work with a shorter top that maybe seems too short otherwise.

Maybe you recognize this outfit from my post about these brogue shoes.

2-Cover Most of It

The next idea was to cover most of the peplum with a jacket. Just because the peplum flows out doesn’t mean your jacket can’t cover it.

I love the idea of adding a jacket yet the jacket is shorter than the peplum top.

Insider tip: I used a clip earring to “tack down” my Gibby’s scarf so it would stay to the side!

3-Tuck It In

Now, what if you don’t want the peplum detail to be part of the look? Then try tucking it into your pants!!!

This makes the peplum top look just like a normal top.

Insider tip: Of course, this will depend on the material of the shirt. I find tucking shirts into my undies keeps them in place better.

4-“Dressy” Peplum Top Outfit

It’s such a fun idea to layer a top over a dress. I know when I first saw this idea, it was such an “aha”. Of course, I incorporated it into a blog post 6 years ago.

I still use this trick quite often. Maybe you remember is from how I wore my oversized sweater?

This works whether you hide the top of the dress totally with the top or sweater, or let it show like this peplum top outfit example.

Insider tip: Do you have a dress that “fits” yet seems too tight by showing off lumps or bumps? Then this trick is for you!

5-There's another great styling of this same peplum top. Visit my blog post to see it.

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