11 Super Elegant Italian Outfit Ideas

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Here, I’m going to share with you a lookbook that I've put together today of Italian outfit ideas that I’m actually wearing in Puglia in the south of Italy.

Puglia has a completely different vibe from other cities in the country, and much like every country, I don't think you can ascribe just one set of style guides or rules.

Italian style is a little bit difficult to nail down because everyone dresses in such a unique and individualistic way. That being said, one of the elements that I have found to be across the board is this wonderful duality between elegance and casual, functional and unfussy.

There is a beautiful balance between sensuality and sophistication. It's a really wonderful mix, and whether someone is dressed in head-to-toe trends or a classic traditional ensemble, this balance always seems to exist.

Button-up shirt + pants + heels

1. Button-up shirt + pants + heels

This fairly masculine look is made more feminine with the addition of heels and the rolled-up cuffs at the bottom.

I’ve tucked the shirt in at the center of the waist to highlight my figure while keeping it untucked at the sides for a relaxed and messy vibe.

Maxi dress + sweater + flats

2. Maxi dress + sweater + flats

The sweater tied in at the waist helps to take this simple maxi dress to the next level and also accentuates my figure.

Sweater + shorts + flats

3. Sweater + shorts + flats

A belt with gold hardware is the perfect way to elevate a simple pair of shorts.

The two tones of black at work in the outfit also add dimension to the look and stop it from looking bland.

Trench coat + sweater + wide-leg jeans + sneakers

4. Trench coat + sweater + wide-leg jeans + sneakers

When in doubt, opt for a trench coat.

You can literally put together the world's most straightforward outfit, throw a trench coat over it, and the outfit is completely transformed.

Sweater + pants + flat sandals

5. Sweater + pants + flat sandals

The star of the show in this look is the gorgeous silk scarf draping down from my handbag.

Silk is such an opulent material, and tying a silk scarf to your bag is an effortless way to incorporate it into your look.

Button-up shirt + wide-leg jeans + sneakers

6. Button-up shirt + wide-leg jeans + sneakers

If you feel like being a bit bold and daring, unbutton an extra button on your shirt to reveal your bra underneath.

I made sure to wear a bra in the same color as the shirt so that while it adds a sexy touch, it doesn’t look too overt.

Cardigan + cropped jeans + flats

Cardigan + cropped jeans + flats

7. Cardigan + cropped jeans + flats

A smart cardigan is always a worthwhile investment that I guarantee you’ll get plenty of wear out of.

The gold necklaces look very harmonious with the gold buttons of the cardigan.

Jeans and a baseball cap keep the outfit casual for the daytime.

Blouse + cropped jeans + flats

8. Blouse + cropped jeans + flats

What more can you ask for in the summer than a thin, flowy blouse that not only gives you plenty of air circulation but also looks effortlessly stylish?

Pairing the blouse with sky-blue denim gives the outfit a lovely, light feel.

Blazer + button-up shirt + shorts + flats

Blazer + button-up shirt + shorts + flats

9. Blazer + button-up shirt + shorts + flats

We usually associate blazers with a formal workplace setting, but combine one with a pair of shorts and some easy flats, and you have a gorgeous holiday look, perfect for strolling through the city.

Maxi dress + sandals + tote bag

10. Maxi dress + sandals + tote bag

The great thing about a maxi dress is that all you need to do is throw it on, and your outfit is complete.

The pastel yellow in this design is incredibly soft and summery, and of course, going for a floral print in warm weather is a no-brainer.

Sweater + chinos + flats

11. Sweater + chinos + flats

When you feel like something a bit more dressed-up than jeans, a pair of fitted chinos is your best bet.

Who said that you can feel relaxed and comfortable while looking your best at the same time?

There, we have a bit of an introduction to Italian style as well as some Italian-inspired outfits that I’ve put together. I hope you’ve enjoyed this lookbook and have picked up some inspiration along the way.

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