11 Cute & Casual Light Blue Blouse Outfits That Are Perfect for Spring

In this style guide, I’m going to show you how to look good wearing a puff-sleeve blue blouse - perfect for spring. I have a whole bunch of light blue blouse outfits to show you that will ensure you’ll never be stuck for inspiration when styling a piece like this. Let's get started.

Light blue blouse

Here is the blue blouse that I will be styling. It has puffy sleeves and a very subtle print to it.

Lace skirt and light blue blouse outfit

1. Lace skirt

For some timeless, ladylike elegance, pair your blouse with a lacy skirt and a pearl necklace. You may recognize this jewelry piece from my previous tutorial on how to make your own DIY Miu Miu necklace.

Add a pair of white shoes for a light and airy look. 

Wearing a blouse under a knitted sweater

2. Knitted sweater

Wear your blouse as a base layer by throwing on a knit sweater on top. The collar peeping out the top will give your outfit a preppy edge.

Finish off the look with some black pants and Doc. Martens for an androgynous look. 

Easy blue blouse outfit ideas

3. Fitted pants

Contrast the billowy sleeves with some fitted black pants, then finish off the look with some snazzy footwear. A pair of strappy heels will add some flair to your look.

Wearing a light blue blouse with leopard print

4. Leopard print

Amp up your outfit by pairing your blue blouse with a leopard-print skirt. A bold print like this works beautifully with the plain nature of the blouse. Finish the look by sliding on some flats and throwing a denim jacket over the top.

Skinny jeans and light blue blouse outfit

5. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are always a no-fail option because you can’t really go wrong with a simple outfit like this. A belt adds a touch of character, and some white heels complete the look.

Simple blue blouse outfit ideas

6. Long jacket

Add some longline proportions by adding a long jacket into the mix. The flow of the jacket will add some movement to your look by swishing as your stride.

What to wear with a blue blouse

7. Pencil skirt

For an easy look, throw on a black or navy pencil skirt and tuck the blouse into it. The beauty of this pairing lies in its minimalist simplicity. A pair of red sandals adds a touch of color for interest.

Formal blue blouse outfit

8. Blazer

Heading to the office? Simply add a blazer on over the top, and you’ve instantly got yourself a more dressed-up look. A little broach will add some personality to your outfit.

Street style blue blouse outfit

9. Street style

In contrast, swap put the skirt for a pair of shorts to create a street-style look that strikes the perfect balance between smart and casual. A cross-body leather bag is a timeless accessory that is both functional and fashionable.

Casual blue blouse outfit ideas

10. Asymmetric denim 1

Reinvent the classic denim skirt by creating an asymmetric one out of an old pair of jeans. Or you can follow my previous tutorial on turning denim shorts into an asymmetric skirt for another way to do this.

Finishing off the look are some black and white crossover flats. Light blue and denim pairs so well.

How to wear a blue blouse

11. Asymmetric denim 2

Want your jeans to stand out from the crowd? Opt for a pair with an asymmetrical fastening like these. These are a killer piece and require minimal styling from the rest of the outfit. I made them myself out of an old pair of men's jeans.

Draping a sweater over a blouse

Accessorize with a sweater tied around your neck, which you can easily throw on when it gets chilly.

Light blue blouse outfits

Another accessory option is a large gold necklace such as this one; gold is a color that can go with everything, and the circle design makes a powerful impact. This brownish-gold coat perfectly complements the necklace.

Light blue blouse outfits

There we have lots of different ways you can style a blue blouse, so there is no reason to revert back to the same outfits again and again. A blouse like this can be worn as it is or layered under or over other pieces, giving it year-round appeal.

Let me know your favorite look in the comments below.

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