6 Simple Mix and Match Clothes Ideas That Work for Any Outfit

Meera Kaneria
by Meera Kaneria

I’m going to discuss the six rules that everyone should know when it comes to mixing and matching your clothing. No matter what body shape you have, these mix and match clothes ideas are for you to follow. They will help you create balanced and flattering looks on your figure.

Fitted bodysuit with loose jeans

1. Fitted top + loose bottoms

The first rule when it comes to mixing and matching different pieces is to make sure that if you’re going to wear a fitted top, you combine it with some baggier bottoms.

If you wear loose-fitting bottoms with a loose-fitting top, it will look a little bit shabby and won't define your figure at all. Here, the loose fit on the legs is contrasted nicely with the tight fit on the top half to create a proportional and balanced look. 

Mix and match clothing

2. Loose top + fitted bottoms

The next rule is vice-versa - you have to pair your skinny or fitted bottoms with a loose top.

Here, you are creating an effect that will counter the bagginess on your upper body with something that is form-fitting on your lower body to create a flattering look. Tight leggings with a loose t-shirt are the perfect example of this.

Loose t-shirt with skinny jeans

You can also go with a pair of skinny jeans.

How to mix and match outfits

3. Patterned top + solid color bottoms

The next tip is to pair patterned tops with solid color bottoms. To ensure that you don’t have an overdose of patterns in your outfit where there is just too much going on, create a balanced look by only introducing a pattern into one half of your look.

Here, my fun, detailed sweatshirt is really able to be the focus of this outfit because my pants are not competing for attention.

Mixing patterns with solid colors

4. Solid color top + patterned bottoms

The next rule is vice-versa of the last rule, and that is you have to pair your solid-color tops with patterned bottoms. Again, you don’t want your outfit to be too loud and busy, as this will not be easy on the eye.

These bright leggings really are quite a statement piece, but pairing them with a plain black t-shirt means that the overall look is harmonious.

How to mix and match colors in clothing

5. Lighter color top + darker bottoms

The next tip is to pair lighter color tops with darker color bottoms. Here again, we are creating some complementary contrast, this time with color. Here I paired a lighter color top with dark bottoms, and this high contrast makes for an effective overall look.

Mix and match clothes ideas

6. Darker colored top + light bottoms

Last but not least, you guessed it, it is to pair dark-colored tops with light-colored bottoms. You can go for a pair of light-wash denim as I’ve done here, or another light color such as a pair of beige or white pants or a skirt. 

Mix and match clothes ideas

I hope that you’ve found those six tips for how to mix and match clothing useful. It’s all about creating the perfect balance in your outfit to make sure that your top half and your bottom half work together in harmony.

My motto here is that opposites attract. Keep this in mind when getting dressed in the morning and you’re on your way to looking fabulous. 

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