8 Easy Sleek Outfit Tips

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic
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Hi everyone. It’s 2023, so I want to share with you some of my star fashion hacks so you can learn how to look polished and put together with beautiful and sleek outfits. Let’s get started!

White shirt

1. Don’t wear a regular bra under a see-through shirt

Instead of a regular bra, wear a lace bralette! It makes such a huge difference.

I don’t like how I look wearing a regular bra underneath these white, see-through shirts, but I love the look of a lacy bralette. 

White shirt

Another way to wear these shirts is to wear a nude or skin-tone shirt underneath.

Pop on that white see-through blouse over it, and it’s going to look like you don’t have anything underneath which I absolutely adore.

Skinny jeans

2. Switch your blue skinny jeans for black skinny jeans

For quite some time, I was trying to make my style appear elegant and classy when wearing blue skinny jeans.

However, I never managed to do so despite the many style ideas I tried so I stopped trying to wear them. 

Skinny jeans

Blue skinny jeans are best for casual, everyday looks with sneakers and a simple shirt.

If you want to look elegant, or a bit more classier and representable, wear black skinny jeans instead. These are a simple solution for days when you want to feel comfortable but still look a bit more elevated.

Crop top

3. Wear high-waisted pants with crop tops

I absolutely adore crop tops, especially during the spring and summer. 

Crop top

I love wearing them, but if your pants aren’t high-waisted enough, your belly button can be seen often when you’re wearing them which doesn’t appear elegant.

When wearing your crop-tops, try to have trousers or jeans that are high-waisted enough to cover your belly button.

Mixing styles

4. Mix different styles together

My next tip is to mix different styles.

For example, if you’re wearing something skinny on bottom, pick something a bit oversized as your top. Always try to mix around those pieces and don’t always go after skinny jeans and a skinny top.

For skinny jeans, try a top with a loose fit and accentuate your waist. It’s much more elegant and chic. 

Mixing styles

If you want to wear skinny jeans with a skinny top, try an oversized blazer to give your look more dimension.

You’ll appear effortless but chic and put together. 

Glitter pieces

5. Pick dainty glitter pieces over chunky ones

Glittery pieces are everywhere right now, and my tip to wearing them is to always go after the pieces that come with daintier glitter details rather than huge, chunky details.

Glitter pieces

These look so tacky even to me, even as someone who absolutely loves glitter and everything sparkly.

You’re going to find so much more use out of the dainty pieces and you’ll be able to wear them year-round.

Black belted shirt

6. Cut out the hanger straps

These hanger straps are pretty annoying and you might not even notice them until they start poking out.

As soon as you purchase something, cut them immediately so they don’t bother you later.

7. Buy the same pair of trousers

Once you find a pair of trousers that look good on you, buy that same pair of trousers in all possible tones that you like and are available.

You’re going to be much happier having a pair of trousers that look absolutely flawless for your body shape and type, and it’ll be so much easier to style.

8. Don’t stick to a singular size 

Stop being a slave of numbers. I’m guilty of going to a store and always insisting on wearing a certain number size, but that number isn’t always the right fit.

In some designs of trousers or jeans, I’d fit a size small, but in others, I wouldn’t. It all comes down to your body shape and type. Those numbers are irrelevant.

What is relevant is how those pants look on you. If they look good, don’t think about the number and just wear them. If they make you feel happy, that’s the most important thing that you want to achieve.

Sleek outfit tips

These are all the tips I wanted to share with you. With these fashion hacks, you now know how to look more polished and craft sleek outfits that look best on you.

Let me know which tip is your favorite in the comments!

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