THREE Me and Mini Themed July 4th Outfits

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Another day, another set of matching outfits for my crew. And before you think, "those poor children", TRUST ME, the 4 year old gets upset when we arent matching! So the jeans are strong, pun intended 🤣

Meanwhile, the baby is just aling for the ride.

The baby onsie and kid shorts are both from Old Navy as is my checkered dress. I saw the onsie and thought it was ADORABLE so the outfit is based on that. Side note: the straps are working bows so breastfeeding friendly!

Another Old Navy look! They are great when it comes to graphic tees for the whole family! This is good if you want the same outfit for everyone.

Finally, I got these wide leg pants from Costco, yes Costco! I love their clothes lol. Unfortunately, they were made for someone who was 10 feet tall, being 5'1 I'm going to have to alter the hem but for $10, its worth it. For this look, I went with more muted reds and blues 🇺🇸🇺🇸

We even painted out nails with matching red, white and blue! We are showing up to the holiday BBQs in style this year!

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