Style Your Turtleneck

Victoria Cantu
by Victoria Cantu

There is no denying that turtlenecks are super on-trend this season! They are the perfect base top for any outfit! In this tutorial, I want to show you a couple of great outfits featuring a turtleneck.

How to wear a turtleneck sweater

Outfit 1 

In this all-black outfit, I paired this black turtleneck with a pair of ripped black jeans. I styled the look with my lace-up, black boots. I added an elegant gold necklace over the turtleneck. I love this outfit because the black makes it so slimming. It is a really simple look that I just adore! 

Layer over the turtleneck

To spruce up the outfit and add some warmth, I added this jean jacket and black purse. 

Turtleneck sweater style

Outfit 2 

For this next outfit, I just swapped out the black turtleneck for this white one. 

Turtleneck outfit ideas

For this outfit, I added pink sneakers and a matching bag to the look. The jean jacket works perfectly with the white turtleneck as well! 

Wear with a fanny pack

Outfit 3 

For this look, I switched out the black jeans from the first outfit for these blue mom jeans. This fanny pack purse is a great addition to the look. Not only is it stylish but it also helps cinch in the waist a little. 

Wear matching sneakers

Outfit 4

For this look, I kept the same jeans on, I just switched out the black turtleneck for the white one and added a pair of white sneakers to the outfit. I also added a nude backpack to the look. To me, this look is a little more mature. 

Easy Turtleneck style

Outfit 5

For this look, I was thinking more professional, office wear. I paired the black turtleneck with skinny black pants. I wore this with my snakeskin, heeled boots, and added a matching book bag to the look. 

Simple turtleneck outfits

Outfit 6 

This outfit is the same look, only I switched out the black turtleneck with the white one. I’m not sure which outfit I like better. I think they both have a totally different vibe to them! I hope you guys like these looks! I would love to hear which outfit you like best! Share your thoughts below! 

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