How to Wear Neon: 1 Neon Yellow Top, 10 Cute Outfit Ideas

Make a statement this season with some bright neon colors! In this lookbook, I’m going to take one neon yellow crop top and style it in ten different ways to give you some ideas of how you can wear neon. Let's get started.

How to wear neon with leopard print

1. Leopard print

First up, I’ve styled the neon crop top with a leopard-print mini skirt. Yes, both pieces are bold and daring, but the yellow ties in well with the beige background of the print, so they work together nicely.

I finished the look off with a statement white and transparent handbag, some chunky sneakers, and some brown shades.

I am a maximalist when it comes to fashion, and I think that all of these loud pieces come together to create a harmonious look.

Colors to wear neon with

2. Blues

Next up, blue is a color that pairs well with yellow. Here I’m wearing the top with some rolled-up blue jeans and a long blue cardi. The jeans and the cardigan are in different tones, which give some depth to the outfit.

Lastly, because fashion without color would be boring, I finished the outfit with a pair of red flats that have a bow detail on the front.

How to style neon with other bright colors

3. Pink

This outfit is a good example of how you can pair a neon color with another bright color. To the top, I added a chunky pink sweater because my motto is "go bold or go home."

Because the two pieces are quite standoffish, they are not in competition with one another. To accessorize, I have a little yellow bag, the darker shade of yellow tying in nicely with the neon crop top.

Cute neon outfits

4. Muted 

In this outfit, I layered a transparent polka-dot dress over the neon crop top and jeans. What I like about this look is that the transparent dress, while revealing the neon color, also helps to create a more muted and lower-saturation effect.

The dress also brings some dressed-up feminine flair to this otherwise very casual and laid-back outfit.

Fun neon outfit ideas

5. Midi-dress

Next up, I’m wearing the neon crop top underneath a striped green midi dress.

Yellow and green are analogous colors on the spectrum, so they complement one another. The dark hue of the dress plays well against the brightness of the top and helps to tone it down a bit.

Incorporating the striped theme into my footwear, I’m wearing some striped flats. A fanny pack around the waist adds some definition to my figure and is the perfect finishing touch.

Formal outfit with a neon top

6. Formal edge

For a slightly more formal edge, here I’ve paired the top with some gray workwear style pants and lace-up flats. A red jacket adds some structure and is a more casual element.

I’ve finished the look off with a stylish bag and some round sunglasses.

Styling neon under an outfit

7. Pop of red

Here again, I’m wearing the same pants and have styled them this time with a long denim jacket. Then, I added some red shoes and a red fanny pack around the waist to draw attention away from the yellow neon.

A neon color in your outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of attention; you can direct the focus to other elements, as I’ve done here.

Knotting a white shirt over a neon top

8. Knotted shirt

This is another outfit that has that sort of smart/casual mix. I’m wearing the same gray pants and have layered a white shirt over the crop top. I then tied the shirt at the waist for a contemporary look that will be light and breezy in warmer weather.

Since I love to include patterns in my outfits, I added a pair of striped shoes for a touch of personality.

Wearing neon with denim

9. Simple and straightforward

For a super easy, no-fuss look, I threw on a denim midi skirt, chunky white sneakers, and a yellow bag.

When going for simple pieces like a denim skirt, I like to make sure that they still have some character to them and aren’t completely plain. This one has a prominent cut-out slit at the front as well as a ripped effect to it which adds interest to the look.

How to wear neon

10. Matching set

Last up, I’ve gone for a brown matching set to wear with the neon top. Brown and yellow are a great color combination; I started off the lookbook with them and I wanted to end with them too.

The tied waist of the pants cinches my waist and the contrast of the high-waisted pants and the long jacket add nice proportions to the look.

Finishing it off are some red flats and a brown leather bag with a red scarf tied to it.

How to wear neon

There we have 10 different ways you can style a neon top. Neon colors are bright and striking but don’t let that scare you; you can easily incorporate them into trendy outfits.

A key tip of mine is to match boldness with boldness; it might seem unexpected, but it really works. Let me know which outfit I styled is your favorite in the comments below!

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