Dressing the Postpartum Bod

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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There are about a million and one outfits for pregnant moms that are so adorable but no one really gives you any tips or tricks about postpartum bods. The truth is you still look about 4 to 6 months pregnant for a while after giving birth!

You can't really go wrong with leggings everyone loves a good legging, huh? I like to wear it with a oversized sweatshirt. This one is an XL with the cropped demin jacket from my last post.

Now buying things a size up while pregnant comes in handy too. I can still wear them for an oversized look but maternity clothes doesn't look right without a belly! Like I said a million times before, don't waste money on maternity clothes!

Also black as your friend! The other thing to consider is your boobs are probably going to be huge if you are breastfeeding as I am. I mean mine were always big but now they are just massive. So again a larger size than what you normally wear is a great way to accommodate the bosoms.

A flowy dress is always a great way to hide the postpartum belly as well. This was our Easter outfit.

If it's chilly out throw a cropped sweater on top and it creates a skirt.

Or if it's on the warmer side you could do the same thing with a t-shirt and either tie the sides or just bunch it up to create a crop look.

Finally embrace your postpartum body! It literally performed an actual miracle and is amazing for being able to do what it did!

Suggested materials:
  • Flowy dress   (Shop your)
  • Oversized sweater

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