Tracksuit Heaven

by Style.devine

Since lockdown tracksuit have become a wardrobe staple. I have to say that even when we get back to a new normal, I do not think tracksuit will go away.

I, for one, am very happy to hang on to this trend. I love fashion but I also love being comfy ( and I think these two can easily go together) and the tracksuit life can be glam and comfortable.

Here is how!

Firstly you need to separate your “ out out” tracksuits from your “home” ones. 

Also buy them in a set, they will feel that extra bit special. 

Go for a thicker material for the ones you plan on wearing as an outfit in public.

Always wear a plan tee with them. Wearing a loud tee is one step over the line.

Go for color or grey/ tonal neutrals. Avoid black and white tracksuits!

I love styling them with sneakers and high socks. For summer some Birkenstocks would be gorgeous with a track suit or sliders. 

It’s a trend I think we all must embrace, not ever day of the week, but at least on a Sunday  (if not more)

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