One Shawl 5 Ways

Kastle W
by Kastle W

My mom recently gave me a vintage 1970s filet crochet shawl. It’s not something I had in my collection, and I immediately got Stevie Nicks vibes. But I thought I’d see what I could do with it. I discovered many ways to wear it besides twirling to Fleetwood Mac songs or wrapping it around myself granny style. So here’s one shawl, five ways.

1.    Wear it as a wrap

A crochet lace shawl works as a simple light layer over a sundress when you just need a little something over your arms and shoulders as the sun goes down. Wrap it around yourself and either tie it in place or hang on to the ends. It will also give you something to do with your hands at parties!

2.    Tie in the back

If your shawl has a pretty pattern on it, tie the triangle corners behind your neck. Then let the ends is drape down the front of your outfit, so the pattern is the star of your outfit.

3.    Tie at the shoulder

You can do the same by tying the ends at one shoulder and letting the pattern sweep across the front and back—this works particularly well if you have some fringe to dangle. You can also use a  scarf ring to hold it in place and add a little bit more pizzazz.

4.    Wear as a scarf

A shawl can also work as a scarf by wrapping the corners ends around the back of your neck and crisscrossing, then pulling them down in front. Let the middle of the shawl drape to create a cowl-neck.

5.    Wear as a skirt accent

Try tying the shawl at your waist over a dress or a skirt to add some layered interest with the pattern and texture. Tie it at the side to see more of the pattern. If you tie it in the front, it will create a v-shape that will elongate your torso (slimming tip, wink wink!)

So now that you know five ways to style a shawl, will you be adding one to your wardrobe?

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