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Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

When you have big boobs, your wardrobe can feel limited. Traditionally, larger-chested women are told to wear v-necks and that's about it! But these are not our only options. Keep reading for big bust style tips.

White shirts are timeless and thankfully, they suit larger chests really well. Just make sure you get a size big enough to accommodate your bust as you don't want the buttonholes gaping.

Sizing up is a good tip in general for big boobs! If you go too tight, your breasts can strain the fabric, drawing attention to them and making them look bigger, or you can end up spilling out and showing a lot of cleavage, which is fine for nights out, but I like my wardrobe to be versatile and multi-functional so a boobalicious shirt dress wouldn't be much use to me at all.

Experiment with how high up you button your shirt and invest in a pretty lace bra so that you can feel comfortable in a more unbuttoned look.

I have a few lace bras in my arsenal because I LOVE a plunge neckline. This is essentially the v-neck but more relaxed and contemporary. You can wear whichever bra you like with this look, but I prefer plunge bras that minimise my bust rather than pushing up my cleavage.

Bravissimo is my favourite place for bra shopping. They have an amazing fitting service - not a tape measure in sight! I actually come out of their changing rooms smiling, having enjoyed the experience, rather than coming out in tears like I have at other retailers!

I'd recommend heading out to the shops to find a minimiser bra. These look better underneath clothing with higher necklines.

A knitted rollneck is such a staple throughout the year (except summer I suppose!) and there's no way I'm avoiding them just because I have a large bust. My favourite bra to wear underneath rollnecks is the Gossard glossies bra.

Bravissimo is usually my first port of call for bra shopping but Ann Summers is a close second. They have more choice in terms of styles and colours but they do have some good basic bras too. I also like the Rosie range from Marks and Spencers.

If you are unsure of wearing high necklines instead of v-necks, there are other ways you can trick the eye. When I wear a roll-neck, I like to add a long necklace to draw the eye down away from the bust, or in colder weather I'll wear a coat in a v-neck style.

This avoids there being a big bulk of material up where your boobs are, emphasising them and making them look bigger than they are.

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