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I’ve recently gotten pretty lucky finding prints I love in the mens shirt section and I’ve not hesitated to get them. Men’s shirts don’t always have the best fit especially for a petite woman, but we must think outside the box! This recent find from Shein was a purchase to use as a swim coverup, but since we are in the middle of winter I wanted to see how I could wear it now.

Here is the easiest and most common way most folks would style it. I picked a pair of wide leg trousers to balance the extra volume of the oversize shirt. Tucked it in in the front and pulled the sleeves up exposing my wrists helping reduce any extra bulk.

Since the shirt is long enough to cover the back end for me I went ahead and paired it as a dress with some opaque tights. Threw on a slimming jacket for some shape and combat boots to give it more of an edgy feel. I love using a pop of color when I have a black and white piece so I added the red beanie.

Here I took inspo from Tiktok and tucked and pinned the shirt to have the one shoulder look. One side I wore normal and tucked in the collar. The other side with the collar also tucked in; I grabbed the sleeve and pulled it across the front part of my chest creating a strapless look. I was able to run the sleeve all the way to the back and tucked it in the jeans. Now I’m able to overlap the other side and tuck in the jeans all the way around. Once it’s in place you can use a safety-pin to hold it in place when you see fit.

Lastly, I tucked the collar in and tucked the edges of the button side and the button hole side making it a seamless edge. Then, crossed the two sides over each other in the front to tuck inside the jeans. Pulled up the sleeves to expose the wrists for this look too.

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  • Doreen Kennedy Doreen Kennedy on Jan 09, 2022

    I really like the shirt paired with the boots and jacket.

  • Bridget Bridget on Jan 10, 2022

    I really enjoyed each of the versatile looks. I will definitely be trying each using my husbands button downs!